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Patriot Dog Training Launches in Boerne Texas

Patriot Dog Training just completed the week long business consulting and training program conducted by Top Tier K9 at its new location in Boerne Texas.

Top Tier K9 traveled to the Hill Country of Texas to meet with Benito and Erica Olson and assist them in business analysis, project management and their sales and marketing efforts.

It’s all about the scope! Beginning with a scope definition session the team laid out the vision of the business and the family as it relates to their entrepreneurial objectives. The requirements were then extracted and organized in a way that gave the family a clear path, schedule, and budget to achieving their goals.

“Having a project plan in place allows us to eliminate the noise that can so often drown a business. We can now focus on the things we must do in order to be successful and knock it out one task at a time keeping our eye on the 1, 3 and 5 year plans”, said Erica Olson. “Having clear milestones and key performance indicators lets us focus on training dogs with the confidence our business is on the right track to success”.

Benito Olson added, “I deployed with the SEAL teams and handled some of the most amazing dogs on the planet. The teams have a very special method for mission planning and rapidly achieving their goals. Top Tier K9 brings that method of planning and project execution to the dog training industry and specifically to their affiliates through the business analysis and project management consulting program, having a team like Top Tier K9 covering my back makes the adventure of building and growing our business even more exciting.”

“I am honored to be with Ben and Erica assisting them in reaching for their piece of the American pie.” Said Jeff Minder, PMP and CEO of Top Tier K9. “Capitalism is about owning your own property, your own ideas, and using them to build your own wealth. Capitalism is about the entrepreneur. These two veterans have made the transition from serving our country by sacrificing themselves to the will of the government and are now focusing on serving themselves and their family not through self-sacrifice but through the pursuit of happiness that is the scope of their business plans. In charge of their own destiny and offering high quality products and services to the members of their community. “

Top Tier K9’s Academy for Dog Trainers has certification programs for pet, working dog and service dog trainers. We teach people how to train dogs and how to create their own businesses. Through our affiliate program our graduates (and select graduates from other dog trainer schools) have access to business and project management consulting services as well as assistance in their website design and development, sales and marketing support, quality assurance requirements, and continuation training needs. We support our students before, during, and after their certifications. No other school does this, none even try.

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