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Schedule for Remaining 2023 School Year

Top Tier K9 will be offering one more pet trainer class for the 2023 calendar year as well as an introduction to Foundation Dog® class. Seating is limited, once the classes are full they will be closed and you will have to wait until 2024 to attend another class. We will have trained and certified close to 100 students in 2023, a record for dog trainer schools world-wide.

Pet Trainer Class - October 12th 2023 every Tuesday and Thursday : With day (10-11:30am EST) and night (6-7:30pm EST) options, the Top Tier K9 Pet Trainer class teaches you how to train pets for paying customers. Top Tier K9 focuses on replicable and transferable training methods that work with all dogs. learn to train a a pet to stop pulling it's owner down the road, to stop jumping on people, and to stop destroying property. You will also learn to train pets to stop bad behaviors like aggression towards other animals (including humans). This program also teaches you how to teach the owners to maintain the training. After successfully completing this 8 week online class (live with instructors every class. not a video repository but real teachers) you will be invited to certification that runs December 4th through the 15th including the business bootcamp where you develop an executable business plan and learn project management, business analysis and customer relationship management skills.

Introduction to Foundation Dog® Class August 23rd, 2023: Meets every Wednesday from 10am noon EST for 8 weeks where you study and test, with an instructor, all facets of training a working line puppy to track, find specific odor, protect and perform advanced off leash obedience. This class includes all the training and study materials to get you to a comprehension level of learning for working dogs of every type. Protection dogs, service dogs, military and police K9, virus detection, bomb detection and more. Learn A-Z everything required to create a world-class Foundation Dog. Once you successfully complete this course, you can then get a puppy at your convenience and begin the Foundation Dog trainer Course (meets every Saturday from 10-noon EST) where expert trainers help you put a puppy through the program (application level of learning) making you then eligible to bring that puppy to Top Tier K9 for certification and entry into our masters programs.

Franchisee Advanced Classes: We will host several live online franchise classes including customer relationship management and how to engage the newly formed Mobile Support Team that will bring seminars to your community including:

  1. Advanced use of training tools for obedience

  2. Advances in K9 Health and Nutrition

  3. Protection demonstrations and testing for Pets Plus programs

  4. Advanced scent detection for service dogs and Military/LE K9

  5. Foundation Dog® demonstrations

  6. Virtual Reality Dog Training Center Demonstrations

...and so much more

Visit to register for classes and to learn how to launch your own Top Tier K9 dog training center in your community.

Top Tier K9 2409 SW CR 360 Madison Florida, 32340 (850) 909-2409


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