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2019 Catalogue for Law Enforcement Handler Training

New monthly program for Law Enforcement and Security personnel who want to learn to handle a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog and certify their dog for the street. 4 wednesdays over the internet and 2 weeks on-site for final certifications. We certify the handler and the dog. The handler learns through our on-line face to face training and then only needs to leave duty for 2 weeks, unlike green dog resellers who require as long as 6 weeks away from duty, Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs are not provided by resellers but by Certified Top Tier K9 Working Dog Trainers who raise them and train them from puppies to deployment. Unlike other certifying authorities, Top Tier K9 certifies the handler and the do

Big Red Selected as Service Dog

Big Red, son of Sniper, has been selected as a service dog by a disabled veteran of the United States Navy. Big Red is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix and is a phase 4 Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog. That means Red has made it through the entire imprinting and forecasting program and passed with flying colors. Big Red will be going to his new home in Columbia South Carolina next weekend where he will protect and serve a disabled Navy veteran. Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs are prepared for any deployment. Military, Police K9, Sport, Search & Rescue, cadaver recovery. Buyers are matched with Phase 3 dogs that have the desired disposition and capability, then the final phase of training (

Man's Best Friend

We train you and we train your dog. That is one of many things that make Top Tier K9s training program the gold standard in the dog training industry. --State of the art facilities --Fully insured --Safe and secure --Balanced approach to dog training --Academy for Dog trainers --Staff on-site 24/7 Our training techniques and methods are taught to dog trainers around the world. If there was a better way to train you and your dog, we would do it...and we would teach it in our school. Pets, working dogs, police K9, military K9, service dogs for people with need a dog to perform for you, we can train the dog to do it, and train you to maintain it. Check us out at www.Top

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