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Success Stories

In our next episode of "Unleashed: Dogs without Limits" you will learn about some of our amazing graduates and what they are doing to change the dog industry across the globe.

Professionals choose Top Tier K9 because we approach dog training and business development in a professional and ethical way. Our students include doctors, nurses, surgeons, lawyers, IT professionals, mechanics, HVACC technicians, contractors, retired military and law enforcement personnel. We even have licensed veterinarians certifying through our programs as well as vet technicians, groomers, and kennel techs. By providing a bridge for individuals with amazing careers and skills to transition into the dog training world, we are making an impact on the quality and care provided to the dogs and their owners.

Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog trainers is recognized as on of, it not the best dog trainer schools in the world. Ours is not a franchise model. We teach our students how to train dogs, all dogs for all purposes, and how to start and run their own business. A business that can be handed down through generations, creating generational wealth. It is their business, they run it as they see fit. They set their own rules and march to their own drummer.

Our next pet trainer class begins March 8th, 2022. It all begins there. learn to train pets, live online with the greatest dog trainers and people trainers in the industry. then travel to Madison Florida for certification and our business boot camp. Learn to train an amazing demo dog and certify with that demo dog through our Foundation Dog trainer program. You can then focus on the working dog side of your business through our masters level programs of service dogs, special security dogs, protection dogs and more.

Success motivates, Learn from the best, then apply what you learn to become one of the best, a certified Top Tier K9 dog trainer and a business owner serving your local community in the training and care of dogs.


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