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Search and Rescue Exercise

October 15-18 2016 will be the next Survival - Search and Rescue (S/SAR) training and exercise program at Top Tier K9's Blueberry Hill Campus in Madison Florida. Join the Top Tier K9 team and bring your loyal K9 companion for our training program on S/SAR with detailed work on how to take care of yourself and your dog in S/SAR operations. The program will begin with classroom instruction on search and rescue processes and guidelines that you can use to help your own SAR team be more successful in the field. You will learn how the terrain impacts movement of the person you are trying to find, how to evaluate movement and threat conditions based on terrain masking, as well as emergency daytime and nighttime navigation using celestial aids. You will learn how to survive in remote and austere conditions in the event you and your dog find yourselves in trouble in the field. First aid and K9-Buddy care will also be included capped off with directions on building your own personal and K9 survival kits. We will then hit the field at Top Tier K9's remote training camp for practical exercises and advanced training. Additional classes will include the imprinting process to take a 6 week old puppy and properly train that dog to be a true S/SAR asset. You and your dog are a team in the field. This program is designed to make you a great asset to your dog, other rescue personnel and most importantly the person you are trying to locate in a remote area. This course is recommended for everyone who is currently acting as a search and rescue asset who finds themselves uncomfortable with how current SAR operations are conducted in their own communities as well as law enforcement K9 handlers who use their dogs for tracking and patrol in areas that are remote and austere. Jeff Minder is your lead instructor at this event. Jeff has spent decades teaching search and rescue operations, survival and evasion tactics, and was recognized as one of the top S/SAR (SERE) instructors in the country. Registration is through our on-line classroom. Register here. we will conduct a 2 hour briefing the night of October 4th to prepare you for the on-site program 15-18 October.

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