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Does a balanced approach to dog training work with every dog?

Yes, it does.  The old methods of training dogs; compulsion and purely positive have both proven to be ineffective in building balanced, happy and reliable dogs. The most important part of Top Tier K9's balanced approach to dog training is that it gives tools to the owner of the dog to help manage the dogs load more effectively allowing for clear, concise, and consistent communications with the dog.

Is there a Top Tier K9 trainer near me?

Top Tier K9 has created one of the top dog trainer programs in the world.  You can find a Certified Top Tier K9 dog trainer by selecting our locator. We have certified pet trainers, certified Foundation Dog trainers, and master trainers for service dogs, protection dogs, virus detection dogs and special security dogs.

How can I become a dog trainer?

Simply visit and take our next live online pet trainer class.  That is followed by our business bootcamp and pet certification program which together equate to 2 weeks live onsite at Top Tier K9's campus in Madison Florida.

How do I access the Top Tier K9 Virtual Dog training Center?

You will need a Virtual reality Headset (Oculus, Quest 2, Meta) and simply go to the application store and select Top Tier K9.  Install and launch the application and follow the onscreen instructions to begin learning to train a dog.Use the "yes" marker followed with a reward and use the "no" marker followed with a leash pop correction.  get into the 1.3 second command sequence rhythm and watch the dog begin to learn and respond to your efforts. 


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