Certified Dog trainer School
Certified Dog trainer School
Certified Dog trainer School
Certified Dog trainer School
Certified Dog trainer School
Certified Dog trainer School

Dog Trainer School

The Top Tier K9 Dog Trainer School is designed using Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy, advanced Internet technologies, and an industry first Affiliate model, to take you step by step from knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis levels of learning allowing the future dog trainer to go as far as they desire with the ability to "jump off" at strategic points to maximize potential and minimize investment in time, energy and money. 


We have the only programs that provides our students with business, project management, sales and marketing support to help them start and manage their own dog training businesses.  Our affiliate model puts our students on the map and our dog trainer program includes actual project management and business training as part of the curriculum.

Our Internet based programs are "Live On-Line" and our campus programs are "Live On-Campus".  We don't send you to video libraries and expect you to figure out the right way to learn.  We meet you in our classrooms and we teach you, the old fashioned way through verified and validated levels of learning.  All of our programs have our instructors face to face with our students in every learning platform, live on-line and live on-campus.


You do not have to certify with Top Tier K9 to enjoy the value of our classes. Many of our students are seeking professional development or simply taking our classes to enjoy learning how to train their own dogs for service, sport,  or simply as obedient family pets.   

It starts with the Pet Trainer program where you learn to train pets for other people.  Pet trainer techniques must be transferable to the owner and the pet is not trained until the owners are trained as well.  We teach you to do this successfully using our proven techniques and methods of dog and human training.

You can then move into the Foundation Dog® trainer program.  This is a program where you learn to take a working line puppy and train it in tracking, scent detection, protection/apprehension, and off leash/advanced obedience.  Once certified as a Foundation Dog® trainer you will have one of the best demonstration dogs anywhere to use to promote your skills and your dog training business and you have the option to enter any or all of our masters programs to learn how to finish a Foundation Dog® as a Law Enforcement K9, Military K9, Service Dog for people with disabilities, executive/family protection dog, or a sports dog. 

Dog Trainer School

The Gold Standard for Dog Trainers 

Pet Training Program

  1. Pet Trainer Program: Live On-line

  2. Pet Trainer Certification with Business Development: Live On-Campus

Foundation/working Dog Trainer Program

  1. Foundation Dog Trainer: Live On-line

  2. Foundation Dog Trainer Certification:  Live On-Campus

Decoy/Helper Training Program

  1. Safe Catch Decoy Training Program On-line or On-Campus

  2. Safe Catch Decoy Certification Live On-Campus


Certified Foundation Dog trainers are eligible for on-campus internships.  This is a competitive opportunity 

Masters Programs

Service Dog Training Program

  1. Service Dog Training Program On-line or On-Campus

  2. Service Dog Training Certification Live On-Campus

Law Enforcement/Military K9 Training Program

  1. Law Enforcement/Military K9 Training Program: Live On-line

  2. Law Enforcement K9/Military Training Certification: Live On-Campus

Advanced Business and Project Management Workshops

  1. Business Development Workshop Live On-Campus

  2. Project Management Workshop Live On-Campus

Pet Trainer Program: 8 Weeks Live On-Line


8 weeks Live on-line:  This is the entry level course for all of Top Tier K9s Dog Trainer Programs. All attendees must complete this training and pass the tests associated with this training to move to the next level of training.


All about dogs and the dog training industry.  How to read dogs and communicate with them, new techniques and offerings in the world of the dog training business: Live On-line.  Face to face with our instructors right through your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

  • How dogs Communicate

  • Marking and luring

  • Classical and operant conditioning

  • Training equipment

  • The basics of pet training

  • Health and nutrition


You will need access to a dog(s) for this training beginning week 4. (any untrained pet will do) so that you can practice and show your work for instructor review and evaluations.  This is hands on training. Live On-Line .  Face to face right through your computer, laptop. or tablet.  We demonstrate to you and you show us you can apply the training techniques to a pet.


  • Advanced Training Equipment

  • Markers, Rewards and Corrections

  • Climb Command

  • Sit Command

  • Down Command

  • Recall

  • Loose Leash Walking

At the end of this class you will be tested and evaluated on your skills as a pet trainer. If you are successful in that testing and evaluation process, you will go to Top Tier K9 madison Florida Location for up to 2 weeks where you will participate in the business bootcamp and train pets under the watchful eye of a certified Top Tier K9 Instructor. 

Level 3 - Pet Trainer Certification

Students travel to Top Tier K9's main campus in Madison Fl. to demonstrate their new skills.


The student has up to 2 weeks to certify as a Pet trainer.  Requirements are to demonstrate proficiency with the skills learned during the hands on training accomplished in the Pet training Program under the watchful eye and mentoring of some of the industries top dog trainers and entrepreneurs.  This 2 weeks is the test for certification, you must be prepared to pass the certification before you go to Top Tier K9.


During this 2 weeks you will attend our Business Development Bootcamp where you will learn to manage your own business and develop your business plan.


Foundation Dog® Trainer: 14 Weeks Live On-line


Top Tier K9 has developed a one of a kind puppy imprinting and forecasting system that we teach to our students.  It incorporates effective project management processes and advanced working dog training techniques to teach students how to plan for and predict their training programs based on the desired use of their dogs with the health and welfare of the dogs as the top priority.


If the scope of the training is to produce a bomb detection dog, a narcotics dog, a search and rescue dog, a protection dog, a service dog for people with disabilities or a fully polished demo dog the Top Tier K9 system helps our students achieve that goal through a replicable plan and process that they take with them into their own businesses.


Plan your work and work your plan.  This requires our students to comprehend working dog training and project management processes before they select their candidate puppy for use in the program.  Something no other training program even tries to accomplish.  Once our students comprehend the working dog program and processes, they then select their candidate puppy from a Top Tier K9 affiliate breeder or a quality breeder of their choice to begin the training.

After creating their training plan our students select their candidate puppy based on selection criteria learned from the previous classes and begin the formal processes of training their working line puppies based on the Top Tier K9 Imprinting and Forecasting plan developed in the previous class.


We assist our students every step of the way using proven learning and teaching techniques that ensure our students comprehend the material before they apply the training to their new puppies.  Our expert staff will analyze and evaluate each students performance and provide any needed adjustments to help our students become certified Top Tier K9 Working Dog Trainers.


Once the trainer and his/her puppy are ready to be evaluated for final approval, they go to our Madison Florida location for additional hands on training, mentoring, and Certification.

Live On-Line with our certified and professional staff

Level 6 - Foundation Dog® Certification 

Students who pass all requirements to get to this level of training have proven themselves to be strong prospects for adding working dog offerings to their pet training businesses.  


We actively recruit the best in the business in protection, detection, search and rescue, pet trainers, working dog trainers, veterinarian and kennel owners/managers.  Men and women who have proven themselves as great managers, trainers, and business people.


Students take their freshly trained puppies (now working dogs) to our main campus in Madison Florida to show off their skills for evaluation on techniques, quality performance, and capabilities as working dog trainers for mentoring and additional hands on work in their discipline(s) of choice.  Students also create their business and marketing plans at the end of this portion of the training.

Service Dog Trainer Certification

Top Tier K9 Certified Working Dog Trainers are eligible to become a Certified Service Dog Trainer.  We also offer a stand alone Service Dog Trainer Certification that prepares graduates to intake a foundation dog and finish that dog for a person with disabilities. 

Our students learn how to select a foundation dog for use in the service dog industry, how to analyze the future owner of a service dog, effectively match that service dog to the owner, and then finish that dog for use as a service dog.

Training also includes:

  • Training a foundation dog to become a service dog

  • Teaching people with disabilities how to manage their service dogs

  • Proofing foundation dogs into the service dog arena

  • Common needs of the service dog industry

  • Health and nutrition of a service dog

  • On-going support for service dogs and their owners

  • ...and so much more


Classes are Live On-Line for 10 weeks with a Live On-Site certification for 8 weeks (stand alone) and 2 weeks (Certified Working Dog Trainers).  The process takes the trainer into the Synthesis level of learning relying on the levels of learning achieved within the Pet and Working Dog Certification Programs.

Certified Safe Catch Decoy/Helper 

Our students learn to create protection dogs at all levels of a dogs life-cycle and development opportunities.  Becoming a Certified Safe Catch Decoy/Helper ensures that our graduates can effectively manage the on-going support necessary to ensure a protection dog continues to grow and improve.

Training includes:

  • Teaching people how to manage their protection dogs

  • Proofing working dogs into the protection dog arena

  • Common needs of the protection and sports dog industry

  • Health and nutrition of a protection dog

  • On-going support in protection dog legal requirements

  • Personal injuries common in the the Decoy/Helper arena and how to avoid them

  • ...and so much more


Classes are Live On-Line for 10 weeks with a Live On-Site certification for 2 weeks.  The process takes the trainer into the Synthesis level of learning relying on the levels of learning achieved within the Pet and Working Dog Certification Programs.

Business Development and Project Management Training 

Jeff Minder, founder and CEO of Top Tier K9 is an award winning teacher and entrepreneur.  Jeff has created a one of a kind project management process used to forecast, imprint and train pets and working dogs.  This process is proven and replicable allowing students to effectively train all types of dogs and take the plan and processes into their communities and use as a foundation for their own dog training businesses.


Jeff has been recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in N. America and he shares his ideas and processes used to start and manage successful businesses through the entire dog training program.  His business analysis and project management courses have been taught at several US colleges and universities as well as at Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Crowley Maritime Services.

Business Development Workshop - Live On-Site - Professional development.  This 1 week immersion program teaches students the basics of business development regardless of the technical offering of the entrepreneur.  This is a stand alone program that is not specific to the dog training industry but can be used by students as the platform to launch any business the student wants to be involved in.  During immersion training, this class is specifically designed for the student planning to launch their own dog training business. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Each class is paid for separately, allowing students to gain knowledge and select the next level of training only after they pass the previous level.  This allows students to determine if they have what it takes to be a successful dog trainer BEFORE committing to thousands of dollars of training.  Only TTK9 offers this form of certification path. 


Additional costs are associated with expenses for travel and living expenses at Top Tier K9's Madison Florida Campus for Pet, Working Dog, Service Dog and Decoy/Helper Trainer Certifications.  The Pet Training Program requires pets to practice with during the class under the eye of TTK9 certified Instructors via your computer or tablet webcam.  Working Dog Trainer Program requires an investment in one working dog puppy and the care and feeding of that puppy, this puppy can continue to be used in the service dog and decoy/helper programs.


There are no refunds.  You pay for each class as you determine you are ready for it.  Once the class is completed, provided you pass the class, you will be invited to attend the next phase of training.  There is no guarantee that you will certify .  If you are not motivated, if you do not dedicate the time and effort to accomplish the requirements, you should not sign up for this program.  Not everyone is capable of becoming a Top Tier K9 certified dog trainer and to maintain your certification requires dedication to honesty, integrity and ethics. Those who prove they are not honest, lack integrity, or intentionally violate business ethics will have their certifications revoked, with no refund of any kind.

Student housing is available on the Madison Florida Campus.  Most rooms are $50 a night and includes access to: kitchen, bathroom with shower, laundry room and parking and are located approximately 100 yards from the training facilities allowing you to live and work on the campus.  

Top Tier K9 provides it's standards, encased in our certification programs, to an industry without standards or requirements for certifications.  Through this application we train students to become dog trainers and business professionals specifically for their own reward and satisfaction.  We are not a state controlled college or university, they don't teach people how to start their own businesses nor do they teach them how to train dogs...we do both. We are not preparing our students for employment, we are teaching them how to start and manage their own dog training businesses for their own satisfaction and reward.

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