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Decoy Camp

Creating a great protection dog or police K9 requires a high level of learning so that you effectively learn how to read a dog, a full understanding of how and when to apply/relive pressure on the dog so that the dog improves in his own load management with each session.

To do that properly, you must be able to read the handler of the dog and properly read the handlers actions so he also improves with each session.  It's a complete combination of integrating human training with dog training,

This camp is an immersion into drive building, bite development and the proper use of equipment to help keep the dog safe, healthy and improving.  It is also a camp that will teach you how dogs learn (Foundation Dog process), how dogs use their noses (olfactory system) to detect odors they are trained on, and how obedience and drive are used effectively.  The better the obedience the greater the bite.  We will also have training on health and nutrition for dogs.

This is a jammed packed seminar/camp for you to LEARN.  It's not a bite club, a place to just bring your current dog and get some decoy work.  We have approximately 20 dogs we will use to demonstrate everything!  Weak dogs that need confidence in the bite, handler aggressive dogs that need to learn to manage their own load, a 13 week old puppy deep into the Foundation Dog training, 6 month old's that are through phase 3 of Foundation Dog training, traditional green dogs being readied for missions, and more.  You will learn the difference between Foundation Dogs and green dogs.

Any graduate of our program can bring their Foundation Dogs and have them worked.  We will also work other people's dogs but that will be dedicated to one day of the seminar.  Any dogs brought must have current health records, clean fecal float and you will be responsible for the care of your dog as it won't be in the classroom with you while we are teaching.

Class starts Saturday, February 24th at 9:30am at Top Tier K9 - Madison Florida (GPS name for proper drive directions).

Class ends at Noon on Thursday February 29th.

We will have plenty of fellowshipping opportunities, business discussions, brain storming sessions if you are interested in our franchise system or discussions about attending our Academy for Dog Trainers.


Location 2409 SW CR 360 Madison Fl 32340:  Top Tier K9 - Madison Fl

Dates 24-29 February, 2024

Times:  Start 9:30 end 3:30 (flex on ending times)

Price $650

Hotels:  Best Western, Days Inn, Motel 8 and a large selection of AIRBnBs

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