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Top Tier K9 has 3 Corporate Training locations as well as Certified Franchise locations making it easy and convenient for you to access our programs.  

Corporate Locations

Madison, Florida - (850) 321-3253:  Madison is our headquarters and home of the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers.  We offer all services at this location including Pet training, Foundation Dog training, K9 and Handler Finishing school (for Police K9, Service Dogs, Sport Dogs, Military K9, etc..)

Tallahassee, Florida - (850) 321-3253:  Tallahassee is where we focus on pet training and service dog training including protection training.  We also use this location to train our students on customer relationship management and leadership skills.

Milton Florida - (850) 321-3253:  The Emerald Coast expansion of Top Tier K9 Corporate.  Pet training, Foundation Dog training, Bite Club, sales of Police K9, Military K9, Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans, Protection Dogs, Build a Battle Buddy and K9 Warriors for Women programs. 

We also have over 150 certified pet and Foundation Dog trainers around the country/world.  Meet the trainers to find a dog trainer close to you.

For the greatest results, look for the "Certified Top Tier K9 Site" menu.  These are the franchise locations of Top Tier K9 that offer the highest in quality assurance, controls, and a direct line to Top Tier K9 for ongoing training, certification maintenance, and customer service.

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