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Top Tier K9 To The Rescue


The most robust and complete training program for shelter and rescue dogs launches 4 July, 2024.  With this program, Top Tier K9 Certified Locations (Independently owned Top Tier K9 Franchises) will begin working in their communities to find shelter/rescue dogs to put into our 3 week board and train program.  We will then assist in getting the dogs adopted and training the new owners on how to maintain their dogs training.

To donate to this program simply visit "The Heeling Place" to make a donation that is earmarked for your community and your local Top Tier K9 franchise.  $1,250 trains a shelter dog (we cover the balance up to $1,650 additional for each dog).

The world's greatest training for the dog and owner training for the lucky people who adopt these trained rescues.

Rescues/Shelters We Work With

Top Tier K9 works with select rescues/shelters in your community to promote "Training over Euthanizing" Over 4.9 million dogs are killed every year in America through the existing rescue/shelter processes.  Top Tier K9: To The Rescue is designed to reduce that number as the vast majority of dogs euthanized are for behavioral issues that the World's Greatest Training Company, Top Tier K9, can absolutely fix.

The shelters/rescues we work with MUST:

Have dedicated veterinarian care for their rescues and facilities (we validate that)

Promote the training over euthanizing program prominently on their websites and support materials 

Add a line item on their surrender documents requiring the person dumping their dog to confirm they know training is available to fix behavioral issues prior to making the decision to leave their dog at the rescue/shelter

Require that their fosters and adopters go through a free Top Tier K9 online training program to participate with their rescue/shelter programs

The costs for the program to the rescue/shelters is $0

How it Works

Each of our certified locations has a Certified Master dog trainer on staff.  The Top Tier K9 certified Master Pet Trainers are trained to manage dogs with severe behavioral issues.

Master trainers work to raise charitable contributions from the local community to cover 50% of the training costs.  The trainer then donates, in kind, to select and train a dog as well as assist the rescue/shelter in finding a forever home for the trained dog.

The person fostering/adopting the dog goes through online and in person training to assist them in managing the dog prior to adoption.  This program is of no cost to the shelter, the foster, or the adopting owner.

The charity managing the contributions is "The Heeling Place" and ensures the community contributions are earmarked specifically to the community they came from and to the Top Tier K9 To The Rescue Certified Master Dog Trainer who provides a 50/50 match by training the selected dogs with no charge to the shelter/rescue, foster or adopting new owner.

The success of each location is contingent on the desire of the members of that specific community to donate to this program with the money used to train dogs in their community rescue/shelter that would otherwise be euthanized. 

Go to our Certified Location page and see if your community has a certified location for this program.  If it does not, then let's work to setup a franchise in your location that helps with this program, provides pet training in your community, trains service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs in your town.  To establish your own Top Tier K9 Franchise visit and join the team recognized as the World's Greatest Dog Training Company 

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