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Monticello Florida 

Located on East Lafayette St. in beautiful downtown Tallahassee Fl this full service facility is corporate owned and provides pet training services in and around the Tallahassee area.

Additionally we offer Foundation Dog® training and finishing services for Police/Military K9, service dogs for disabled veterans and their families, executive and family protection dogs, search & rescue dogs, and virus detection dogs.  Our Emerald Coast location also hosts seminars on dog training and bite work support (decoy work).

Contact (850) 909-2409 to discuss any and all of your dog training needs.


Top tier k9 is a outstanding place!!! They take the time with each animal as it's their own to make sure they all get the training a dog needs to succeed through life!!! They're training skills are phenomenal and you can learn so much !! I've been in the dog business for 10 plus years and since


I've known Jeff and the staff in these few short months I've learned so many things on training and dog knowledge!! If you need your dog trained or want to become a dog trainer ,or even purchase a service dog or working/ protection dog top tier k9 are the people to go to !!!


Spread the word you wont be disappointed!!

I completed foundation training and protection training through Top Tier. Jeff has been an absolutely incredible teacher and person to help. I was taking my dog on her first plane ride and i as extremely nervous. Jeff gave me constant advice when needed and was helpful the whole way through making our first plane ride extremely successful. I wouldn't have the dog today without his amazing guidance.

Michelle Hayes

For years I had the dream of having my own well trained protection dog.


Not only did Top Tier help me find my dream, they helped me exceed my dream. With guidance and teaching from Jeff and Kari, I understand dogs far beyond what I ever thought I could. I was able to train my 5 yr old Doberman to have advanced obedience and confidence to work in protection. I can't believe how well my grown dog has done and how much he and I have accomplished together.


I've now started training my first working GSD puppy, and I'm having the time of my life. Jeff and Kari have treated me with such care and respect, I appreciate how they have shared their knowledge with me.

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