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The process of teaching your dog to track should start at 7-9 weeks old with the tracking box, but this system even works with adult dogs.Giving your dog a job to do that challenges him to use his nose to track someone or something increases the dogs confidence and independence and makes the dog better at everything else you train him to do.Tracking is fun for you and your dog.  It prepares you to help find people who are lost or missing, prepares your dog for search and rescue and even helps your dog track a bad guy down providing value to your family, your neighborhood and your community.This program is a must for anyone interested in nose work, scent detection, and search and rescue.  It is how you learn to read your dog and determine if he is on sent and working for you.   

Teaching Your Dog to Track

  • Learn how to teach your dog to track. This program is taught by Jeff Minder; Award winning Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) specialist and Master Dog Trainer. Tracking is the most important thing you can teach a working dog. It builds confidence and independence which improves the dogs performance on all other training requirements. •Using a Tracking box •Moving to the Straight line tracking •Adding turns to the track •The tracking stick 2.0 •Extending the track for more challenges •Next levels of advanced tracking
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