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Pets Plus Program

Once your pet has completed our 4 week Pet Training Program they are eligible for our Pets Plus Program where they learn any or all of the following functions:

  • Protection

  • Scent detection

  • Tracking

  • Search and Rescue 

  • Advanced Obedience

  • Service for the Disabled

  • ...and more

If you and your dog have completed our 4 week basic training program you can enter them in any function of our Pets Plus program. For existing pets, the pets plus program is based on private lessons and study through our Online classes and Virtual Reality Dog Training Center.


We also have dogs trained in all the following functions that can be purchased; 

  • Protection

  • Service Dog

  • Special Security Dog (including Virus Detection)

Advanced Obedience


Obedience training is one of the greatest gifts you can give your K9 companion and will improve the bond and relationship between you and your dog in a way that will change your life.

This is where the dog learns the "language of learning" and displays to you a consistent body language that allows you to understand exactly what your dog is learning and comprehending through your communication and training activities.

Advanced obedience includes constant improvement in your dogs ability to manage his own "load" created by conflict and pressure by his surroundings.  He will obey the commands you give him regardless of the surroundings...such as fire and smoke, other dogs and people, loud noises and storms, even direct confrontation with a bad guy.  It all starts with advanced obedience and all other Pets Plus functions are based on constant improvement in your dogs obedience.


Protection Training


You do not have a protection dog unless you have an obedient dog that is simply a matter of fact.  Junk yard dogs are dogs that will hurt someone even unprovoked.  If you cannot control your dog with verbal commands even under the heavy load of a threat, you do not have a protection have a junkyard dog.

Our Pets Plus Protection program allows you to identify the level of security you need within your home and for your family and produces a training plan that gets the team to the desired level of protection.

You may want your dog to bark at the door if someone is on the porch or in your yard; you may want your dog to go to the end of the leash and bark fearlessly at a threat to scare him off; you may want your dog to attack the bad guy when he threatens you, release when you tell him to...all the way up to complete self-sacrifice of the dog against any and all threats. 


Top Tier K9 helps you determine the level of protection you and your family need and helps you determine if you and your dog can get to that level.  We will train you and your dog or you can purchase one of our trained dogs to provide your specific level of protection you need.

Specific Odor Detection 


A dog's ability to smell specific odors is up to 1,000 times greater than ours.  Your dog has the ability to tell you when he smells a specific odor that may be of interest to you.  The process of teaching the dog to inform you, in a way that you understand, that he has found that specific odor is what this training is all about.

Top Tier K9 can train you and your dog to find any specific odor; bombs, narcotics, bed bugs, cell phones, metal, money; specific plants or fungi, cancer cells, low/high blood sugar, peanuts; you name it and a dog can be trained to find and indicate on that find in a way you know for a fact the location of the source of the specific odor

Whether for fun (like Nose work competitions) or for real (like a homemade bomb at a marathon event) our Pets Plus Program can be of benefit to you, your family and your dog.




There is no greater bond between a man and his dog than to track together.  This amazing function is available through our Pets Plus Program.  We teach your dog to track and then teach you how to recognize when your dog is "on track" and when he has "lost scent" and how to recognize the value of teamwork in the tracking environment.

Trust your dog; that is the hardest lesson to learn when your dog is effectively tracking, but you are unsure of that fact...many handlers, both military and law enforcement, fall short of this primary requirement when tracking.




Search and Rescue


A lost child in the woods, an Alzheimer patient who wonders off, a lost hiker or camper in the most remote and austere environments on the planet; Top Tier K9 trains dogs and people to find and rescue those victims.

We train dogs to track and to trail, we train handlers to manage those dogs effectively, and we teach the handlers how to survive and support the survival of their dogs in remote and austere conditions...and we even teach students how to teach these tools and techniques to others.

Our Pets Plus Program offers beginning classes in Search & Rescue and our seminars and workshops are for the more advanced Search & Rescue teams.  No matter what your level of experience or your level of desire in Search & Rescue; we can help you.

Service Dog Training

At Top Tier K9 we train you and we train your dog to be a service dog.  Of service to you specifically in support of a medical condition that a service dog can help you with.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) addresses the definition of service dogs and how businesses must allow access to you and your dog.  That is maybe 1% of your life with your dog.  The other 99% is making sure that dog not only satisfies your medical need but also provides additional love and support to you and your family in any function you want the dog to learn.

Your service dog can also be a sport dog, a dock diving dog, an agility dog, a search & rescue dog and yes..even a protection dog.

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