Learn to train Pets and to start your own dog training business.  Nobody does it better than Top Tier K9.  Next Pet Trainer class starts January 7th 2020

Learn to build Foundation Dogs®!  Next Working Dog Trainer Class begins Wednesday January 8, 2020.  Meet on-line every Wednesday from 12:30 - 2:30PM EST.


Master Program "Service Dog Trainer" begins Wednesday February 19, 2020.  meet every Wednesday from 10am-12:00 EST.

We train pets in basic obedience in our Pet Training Program and we train pets in advanced functions in our Pets Plus Program Setup a free pet training evaluation.

We train dog trainers from all over the world in our Academy for Dog Trainers.

We maintain an Affiliate Network of certified graduates from our training programs who offer training services in their local communities.  

We have a Breeding Program, both in-house and through our affiliate network that is of high quality and consistency.

We have a radio program broadcasted through www.Talk1075.com and www.Talk921.com every day from 3-4PM EST. With a segment dedicated to dogs and our affiliates.

We have DVD Training Programs available through our store that will help you get started training pets and working dogs.

Here is Ben Landkammer of Calibrated K9 in Knoxville Tennessee working through the Working Dog Trainer program.  Ben imprinted Kato based on the replicable process he learned in the Puppy Imprinting and Forecasting class.  Ben even got a promotion at his job while he was learning to be a dog trainer through Top Tier K9.  This is the future of adult education.

Here is Chris Williams of Run Your Pack in Missoula Montana showing the progress of his puppy "Liesel Weapon" through the Working Dog Trainer Program.  Chris was previously a producer on the hit TV show "Mountain Men" and was able to certify as a Top Tier K9 Pet and Working Dog Trainer, and establish his business before leaving the industry. 

Dog Trainer School

The Gold Standard for Dog Training 

Pet Training Program

  1. The Art of Dog Training:  On-line or On-Campus

  2. Pet Trainer Program:  On-line or On-Campus 

  3. Pet Trainer Certification On-Campus

Working Training Program

  1. Working Dog - Puppy Foundation Training: On-line or On-Campus

  2. Working Dog Trainer Program:  On-line or On-Campus

  3. Working Dog Trainer Certification:  On-Campus

Service Dog Training Program

  1. Service Dog Trainer Program On-line or On-Campus

  2. Service Dog Trainer Certification Live On-Campus

Decoy/Helper Training Program

  1. Safe Catch Decoy Training Program On-line or On-Campus

  2. Safe Catch Decoy Certification Live On-Campus

Advanced Business and Project Management Workshops

  1. Business Development Workshop Live On-Campus

  2. Project Management Workshop Live On-Campus

See us live at Bass Pro Shops

  • Tallahassee Florida

  • Gainesville Florida:

Next Live On-Line Art of Dog Training Class October 24, 2019

This is the entry level course to our Certified Pet Trainer, our Certified Working Dog trainer, and our Certified Service Dog Trainer Programs.  It all starts here.  Business training begins in this class as well.  learn to train dogs and learn to be an entrepreneur! 

'With one month behind me in the program, I gotta say, I am super pleased with my choice to attend Top Tier K9 Academy. Unlike other training programs that would have required me to leave my job and home for months at a time, the online classroom allows me to maintain my lifestyle while still attending weekly classes. And because of the unique classroom, I have connected with trainers from around the country and am learning with students from all over the world. And the business training? Second to none - learning a ton about areas of the industry that would have taken me years to stumble through. Cannot wait to finish pet training certs and dive right into working dog program!'


Chris Williams: Missoula, MT

Read entire testimonial here


Army of Entrepreneurs


Top Tier K9 provides the most comprehensive business development and training programs in the dog training industry. We teach our students how to build a business mindset, plan the launch of their business, communicate effectively with clients, and deliver quality results.

The American dream is to own your own business, to be your own boss.  Top Tier K9 helps you achieve that.  You learn to train pets and working dogs, you learn to start a pet training and working dog training business and as an affiliate, you get on-going support for your business.


Do you have what it takes?  Do you desire to be your own boss?  To rise or fall based on your own abilities.  Are you ready to learn what the government run schools will never, ever teach you?  Then sign up for the next Pet Trainer class and put a seatbelt on.





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