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Colonel Ollie North
Certified Dog Trainer School

Next Pet Trainer Class begins June 20th, 2024  Your future begins here.  Learn how to apply the best dog training method on the planet and start your journey as a professional dog trainer.

Next Pet Trainer Certification with business bootcamp:  June 3rd, 2024  

Next Intro to Foundation Dog® Training Begins July 17th, 2024

Learn how to select the right working line puppy, evaluate breeders, health and nutrition, drive evaluation/building and training a puppy to track, find specific odor, protect and perform advanced obedience tasks.

Have your pet trained by the best in the country.   Choose the Top Tier K9 Certified Location closest to you!


Master Pet Trainer Class

You MUST be a Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Trainer (in good standing) to be eligible to attend this class.  Learn how to manage and train dogs with severe behavioral problems, learn how to transition pets and their owners into working dog areas such as protection, scent detection and service dog work.


Top Tier K9 is recognized as one of the top dog training companies in the world.  We help our students become professional dog trainers, master dog trainers, and successful business owners. We apply quality assurance and controls that are unmatched in the dog training industry.  We train dogs and humans.  We teach our students to use every tool, positive reinforcement, proper corrections, application of pressure, and then teach them how, when, and why to use the tools to successfully train the dog in front of them and to teach the owner of the dog how to maintain that training.

Purely positive will never solve the behavioral problems that cause Americans to euthanize 4.9 million dogs a year, but we have proven over and over again, that knowing all the tools and properly selecting the right tool, then applying the least amount of correction necessary, will stop bad behaviors and will save dog's lives and help the dog's owners live a happy life with their dog as opposed to putting that dog down.  Our certifications and franchise systems helps our trainers do what is best for the dog and their owners, fair to the dog and a relief to the owners who learn how to maintain the training.


We train pets in basic obedience in our Pet Training Program and we train pets in advanced functions with our Pets Plus Program. Setup a free pet training evaluation at our Madison Fl, Milton Florida or Tallahassee Fl locations by calling (850) 909-2409.

Top Tier K9 Franchising, LLC maintains a powerful franchising system in the US. Visit to learn more about the program and to see if you qualify.  Top Tier K9 Franchisees go through the process of being a certified location, ensuring the highest levels of quality and care in the industry.  Look For "Top Tier K9 Certified Location" when trusting those who you leave your dogs with for training.

Top Tier K9 has a Breeding Program, both in-house and through our Franchise network that maintains a high level of quality and consistency for our Foundation Dog® and their associated finishing programs.  (Litters on the ground).

Top Tier K9 was the very first company to train a dog to hunt for and indicate on a virus (COVID-19).  Since then Top Tier K9 has developed a training, distribution, and support network accessible from anywhere in the world for Virus Detection Dogs. (

Top Tier K9 has a Virtual Reality dog training center, DVD Training Programs and online learning systems that are available through our store, and will help you get started training pets and working dogs. ( install the application on your Quest, Quest II or Meta Quest Pro headset at

Top Tier K9 is the process inventor and trademark owner of the Foundation Dog®, as well as the federal trademark for Top Tier K9® in support of our Franchise system.

Top Tier K9 in the News and on Television Networks

We teach you how to train dogs for paying customers and as such we teach you every technique and apply it to our methods of ensuring a dog is trained to it's best levels and that the owners are also trained to a level that supports their dog.  Positive reinforcement, proper corrections, use of pressure...whatever the dog in front of you needs, we teach you to use the right technique for that specific dog and in support of the owners needs as well.  We help you fill your toolbox with every tool and technique known to man, then we teach you when, where, and how to use the right tools at the right time, to the benefit of the dog.

Watch the interview!!!  Col Oliver North and Jeff Minder; Founder of Top Tier K9

 "Real American Heroes"  interview of Top Tier K9 CEO Jeff Minder by Lt. Col. Oliver North 5/13/2021

Unleashed - Dogs without Limits TV season 2:  See some of the graduates of Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog trainers and understand why we are #1.  4/15/2022

Unleashed - Dogs without Limits TV Episode #5 all about Top Tier K9, our

Virus detection program, school, and service dogs that also protect.


Senator Rick Scott calls for study on Airport use of COVID-19 detection Dogs

Channel 4 News Jacksonville 2/23/2021

Live Interview of Jeff Minder Channel 4 News Jacksonville 2/10/2021

Channel 4 News Jacksonville 2/9/2021


Action News Jacksonville 2/9/2021

Suwannee Times article 11/24/2020

Story about Top Tier K9 6/16/2020

CBS News Miami Florida 6/17/2020

Mike Vasalinda Reports 6/16/2020

CBS News Tallahassee Fl 6/12/2020

Politico COVID-19 Edition 6/1/2020


First Coast News Story Jacksonville Fl 5/19/2020

ABC News Story Tallahassee Fl 4/6/2020

WCTV News Story Tallahassee Florida 4/3/2020

Duane Pickel, instructor at Top Tier K9 was the first to train a dog to find cancer cells



Dog Training Programs

Board and Train for Pets

We offer a 3-4 week board and train program to help ensure that you and your dog are properly trained in communications and basic obedience.  Graduates are then ready for our Pets Plus Program (advanced training for the dog and owner) involving any of our advanced programs including protection, scent detection, tracking and advanced obedience.

Foundation Dogs®

Top Tier K9 is the creator of the Foundation Dog® system, a program that creates dogs that are ready to be finished as Police K9, Military K9, Service dogs for people with disabilities, special security dogs including virus detection dogs (such as COVID-19) personal and Executive Protection dogs.

Academy for Dog Trainers

Professional Training Programs

Pet Trainer Program

  1. Pet Trainer Program: Live On-line

  2. Pet Trainer Certification with Business Development: Live On-Campus

  3. Master Pet Trainer with Certification

Foundation Dog® Trainer Program

  1. Intro to Foundation Dog Training:  Live online

  2. Foundation Dog® Trainer: Live On-line

  3. Foundation Dog® Trainer Certification:  Live On-Campus

Decoy/Helper Training Program

  1. Safe Catch Decoy Training Program On-Campus

  2. Safe Catch Decoy Certification Live On-Campus


Certified Foundation Dog trainers are eligible for on-campus internships.  This is a competitive opportunity 

Masters Programs

Service Dog Trainer Program

  1. Service Dog Training Program Live On-line

  2. Service Dog Training Certification On-Campus

Special Security Dog Trainer Program (Virus Detection)

  1. Special Security Dog Training Program: Live On-line

  2. Special Security Dog Training Certification: On-Campus

Executive/Family (Protection Dog) Trainer Program

  1. Protection Dog Training Program: Live On-line

  2. Protection Dog Training Certification: On-Campus

Advanced Business and Project Management Workshops

  1. Business Development Workshop On-Campus

  2. Project Management Workshop On-Campus

  3. Advanced CRM and Public Speaking work shop On-Campus


Top Tier K9 - Metaverse


Determining that basic leash management and the proper command structure is critical to a dogs education and happiness, Top Tier K9 launched the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center.  Using an Oculus/Meta compliant VR headset, customers can enter Top Tier K9 - Madison Florida's training room and practice commands, rewards and corrections on a virtual dog with the climb, heel, sit, down and come commands (recall).

It is so real it is scary.  Become proficient with our Virtual dogs and your real dogs will be saved from your "practice".

4 Corporate Locations and Many Franchise Locations:

  • Madison Florida

  • Tallahassee Florida

  • Milton Florida

  • The Metaverse

Madison Florida

Our Madison Florida location is a secure 20 acre campus with over 10,000 sq feet of dog training and boarding facilities including formal classroom settings.  Home of the Foundation Dog® program and special seminar center 2409 SW CR 360 Madison Fl. 32340








Tallahassee Florida

Our Tallahassee Florida location is conveniently located next to Cascade Park in downtown Tallahassee consisting of 4,500 sq feet of secure indoor board and train services.  This is our Pet and Service Dog Training center and includes formal classroom training opportunities.  Directly behind Wyndham hotel with attached Applebee's. 1355 East Lafayette Street, Tallahassee Fl. 32301














Milton Florida

Our Milton Florida location is conveniently located directly off Interstate 10 at exit 26 on Gascon Point Rd, just 2 miles south of the interstate. This location provides Pet, Foundation Dog, Service Dog and Protection Dog training.  In addition, our Milton Florida location is an R&D center for our Special Security work, supporting our franchisees, and development of our VR systems.  Certifications are held at this location  3011 Garcon Point Rd, Milton, FL 32583. 


Army of Entrepreneurs


Top Tier K9 provides the most comprehensive business development and training programs in the dog training industry. We teach our students how to build a business mindset, plan the launch of their business, communicate effectively with clients, and deliver quality results.

The American dream is to own your own business, to be your own boss.  Top Tier K9 helps you achieve that.  You learn to train pets and working dogs, you learn to start a pet training and working dog training business and as a franchisee, you get on-going support for your business, training and sales efforts.


Do you have what it takes?  Do you desire to be your own boss?  To rise or fall based on your own abilities.  Are you ready to learn what the government run schools will never, ever teach you?  Then sign up for the next Pet Trainer class and put a seatbelt on.

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Visit our Store or Video Streaming Subscription Option

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