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American children are falling behind in responsibility and accountability.  Every young man should know the joy of taking care of and sharing his life with a K9 companion.  A friend to talk to, explore with; a protector to feel safe and secure around.  The responsibility to raise and care for that dog teaches our children many things that are no longer addressed in child education and development.

We bring to you and your family; Top Tier K9 for Kids!  This program includes on-site seminars, on-line training, written documents and tests, as well as DVD support in teaching you and your children how to take care of, manage, and train a family pet.

Perfect for homeschoolers!  Our program is professionally designed and your child is taken through levels of learning no longer cared about by government run schools and universities.  Critical thinking, root cause analysis, and truth over perception are core elements of our programs.


On-Site Seminars

2409 SW CR 360 Madison Fl 32340

Our Blueberry Hill location in Madison Florida provides a venue for demonstrating dog training to you and your children as well as a setting for advanced group practice sessions.  This is designed for families in close proximately to Madison Florida, and is not required for the Top Tier K9 for Kids basic program  

On-Line Training
Weekly program

Join our professional dog trainers and educators who will teach you and your children topics of interest in dog obedience, health and nutrition, as well as how to solve bad behaviors that may have been picked up by your dog somewhere along it's learning path.

Documents and tests
This is how our schools should work as well.  Not train for the test but test the progress.

We have easy to read training documents, books, and pamphlets designed to take you and your family down a lifetime's path of learning how to raise, care for and train dogs.  This collateral includes tests that help you see that your child is learning the material and not just seeing it.  An amazing addition to all family activities.  get our from behind the boob tube, throw the video games away, and get value from your time.

DVD training
Animated and easy to follow training DVDs that support the on-line lessons

We have DVD and on-line vdieo streaming for kids to begin studying at their own pace.


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