Survival/Search and Rescue Seminar Oct 15-18, 2016

Attend the entire seminar with a dog (all shots current and you are responsible for your dog and it's behavior) $299

Attend the entire seminar without a dog $199

Attend weekend only classes for a single investment of $99. for those not interested in the hands on work in the field.

Reduced food prices provided by local vendors 

Providors include

  • Ladies of the American Legion

  • Sunrise Coffee-Shop

  • Cucinella's Brick Oven Pizzeria

Super prices for lodging at Deerwood Inn, dogs allowed and 17 acres with covered areas for you and your dog to play​.

Other lodging available

Survival and Rescue Operations

Everything changes when there are threats on the ground.  The typical Search and Rescue program in America today will not function when there are threats to the dogs, the handlers, and the command/control.

This is where Top Tier K9's Survival and Rescue Operations comes to the table. We teach you how to survive in austere conditions with your dog, how to manage self and buddy care (including your dog) in remote areas.

We teach command and control of search and rescue operations as well as track and find programs that help determine where the threat may exist.  From bomb and booby trap detection all the way down to simply finding potable water and primitive medicine that can save you and your dog.


We teach terrain masking, trailing and tracking for search and rescue operations in environments without roads or cell phone coverage.  Our 265 acre exercise zone is just 5 minutes from our Top Tier K9 training academy.

It all starts on-line in our virtual classroom where you will learn the foundation (knowledge and comprehension level of learning) training related to:

Basic Survival Principles

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Food and Water Procurement

  • Sheltercraft

  • Firecraft

  • Land Navigation

    • Map and compass

    • Celestial aids

  • Signaling for Recovery

Dog Training Principles

  • Teaching your dog to track

  • Teaching your dog to protect you at home and in the wilderness

  • Teaching your dog search and rescue

  • Teaching your dog to find specific odors

Professional Training

  • Tracking human beings without a dog

  • Tracking human beings with a dog

  • Identifying IEDs, booby traps, and other threats

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Effective communications on the ground

Exercises (Application Level of Learning at Top Tier K9 Madison Florida Location)

  • Simulated Search and Rescue Exercises

  • Simulated Community Bomb Threat Exercises

  • IED and Booby Trap Recognition and Indication Exercises 


Students can test out of specific classes based on experience and existlng certifications that are then validated by our Instructors.


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