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What Makes Top Tier K9 #1

Top Tier K9 is rated as the #1 working dog trainer school in the USA and the #1 or #2 pet trainer school depending on the source. (simply google "Best dog trainer school" and check all the ratings)

What makes Top Tier K9 so desirable to people around the world? Simply stated, Top Tier K9 is the professional's choice. We offer a logical and managed approach to teaching students how to train dogs for paying clients and how to start and run their own businesses. That sounds simple, but we are the only school that actually does that.

Other schools focus on things like sport; or individual functions like decoy work, tracking only, scent work only or on a single technique to make your dog better with no idea how to actually train dogs for other people. Some schools even send you off to a video library to learn on your own, that's not a school...that's a library without a librarian to assist you.

At Top Tier K9 you learn to be a professional in the dog training industry, not simply a professional dog trainer, but a professional in the dog training industry.

It all starts with the pet trainer program where you learn to "pay for your passion". You can concurrently take the Foundation Dog® trainer class so that you have an amazing demo dog for your dog training business. You learn project management, business analysis, customer relationship management during your pet certification. Foundation Dog® certification gives you the opportunity to integrate working dog services to your pet business. Masters programs allow you to specialize on things like service dogs for disabled veterans, family/executive protection dog training, special security dogs (COVID-19 Detection) and Police/Military K9 development.

Top Tier K9 is the professional's choice! First in the world to train COVID-19 detection dogs, Trademark holder of the coveted "Foundation Dog" and rated the #1 working dog trainer school in the USA!

Next class starts October 5th!! Sign up at


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