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The Top Tier K9 Franchise is without Peer

Recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world, Top Tier K9 provides students with an education in the technical skills of training dogs and starting their own businesses. Established in 2014, Top Tier K9 has risen to the top of the industry and has trained and certified more than 200 dog trainers across the world.

Built on an educational model that incorporates Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy and it's levels of learning architecture, Top Tier K9 has created a program that provides a one stop shop for dog trainers to learn everything about dog training and business development in a way that is scalable and replicable.

  • The Pet Trainer program: Students learn to train pets using a balanced approach to dog training. They learn how to train the dogs and how to teach the owners to maintain that training. The most successful dog training method on the planet.

  • The Foundation Dog® trainer Program: Trademarked through the US patent and Trademark Office, The Foundation Dog® creation process trains a working line puppy in 50 elements that roll up into 4 functions of tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience. Students learn to build Foundation Dogs® and have those dogs ready for deployment. Foundations Dogs® were the first dogs in the world to be trained to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus.

  • The Finishing programs (Masters): The Foundation Dogs® are then finished as protection dogs, service dogs or special security dogs that can be deployed anywhere in the world. These finishing programs are each a separate masters program allowing our graduates to focus their businesses on the training they desire such as training service dogs for disabled veterans, Police K9, Military K9, even protection dogs for abused women.

  • End user support: Building and owning the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center, Top Tier K9 adds extreme value to the customer experience through multi-media support. VR systems, video streaming and real-time support through internet interfaces, our graduates are able to focus on training dogs and we help ensure the owners are trained as well.

Top Tier K9 Franchising has joined many organizations in recognizing the extreme value and innovation of the Top Tier K9 business model and has packaged an education and support system that can be exported through Franchising. The resulting franchises are produced as Certified Locations of Top Tier K9.

Mobile Support Team: Top Tier K9 Franchising is investing in it's own Certified Location that is a mobile support team (MST) The MST will provide onsite seminar opportunities for franchisees to offer advanced training concepts in their local communities. These MST options include seminars involving service dogs, protection dogs, special security dogs and more.

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Have you looked at franchising as a way to jump start your entrepreneurial endeavor? If you love dogs and want to truly help save them and make their lives better, as well as serve the humans who need help with their dogs, then Top Tier K9 is your solution. Check us out at or contact to get the scoop on the requirements to launch your own Top Tier K9 dog training business.

Watch the video that explains how Top Tier K9 was all started:


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