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Saving Shelter Dogs

Our newly released Masters Pet Training Class starts in a couple of hours.

This training and certification will allow our franchisees to offer board and train as well as group class sessions that will assist the owners of dangerous dogs to manage the challenges they face, decrease the likelihood of of future problems, and save many of these dogs from euthanasia.

The training of the owners of these dogs is the cornerstone of the program. Every owner is trained by Top Tier K9 Corporate while the franchisee is training the dog using the absolute best dog training process on the planet. The owner is then tested on their training after mastering their skills using the metaverse and our VR dog training center, traditional multi-media training, and participation in virtual group classes where they get to see other owners of dogs with similar challenges improving their relationship between owner/dog.

Our certified Master trainers will then be able to participate in our new "Top Tier K9 to the Rescue" program where we will begin the process of assisting shelters and rescues to reduce the number of dogs euthanized due to behavioral problems (a large percentage of dogs in shelters and rescues). A foster and adopter training program is included, as well as training of staff and volunteers in the shelters and rescues.

Stay tuned to this program as Top Tier K9 continues our work in many areas that were critical attributes of our recognition as the World's Greatest Dog Training Company.


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