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Protection Dog Group Classes

The majority of requests that we receive at our Top Tier K9 training centers involves people wanting their dogs to become protection dogs. Let's face it, America is becoming a more dangerous place and the 2nd amendment is under attack like never before so having a family pet, that also protects, it very attractive to most American families.

Top Tier K9 - Blackwater Bay is located just off Garcon Point Road in Milton Florida and is a staging ground for new innovations in dog training and owner training for our franchises across the country. Top Tier K9 - Blackwater Bay is where we are testing our new "Pets that also Protect" program. To date, Top Tier K9 has focused on the development of Foundation Dogs® to then be finished as police/military K9, protection dogs and service dogs that also protect. We are expanding this program to include training pets and their owners in the use of dogs for protection, the "Pets that also Protect" program.

September 2nd 2023 will be the maiden launch of this new program as we outline the requirements, processes, and training protocols for taking an existing pet, evaluating that pet for protection capability, and developing a family training plan to make the dog the best it can be in obedience and protection. This program launches a new owner training protocol that incorporates our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center into our video streaming, online training/testing interface and real-time face to face instructor lead classes to take owner training to a whole new level, unmatched in the dog industry.

Early in our development of Foundation Dogs®, we finished a dog for a client as an executive protection dog. The owner wanted to get into a local "bite club" in order to maintain the training so we connected her with a club that included law enforcement K9 handlers, figuring that would end well. Our client called after the first "bite club" gathering and said "These are the same people I want my dog to protect me from". So we included her in our interstate travel stopping points to work her dog in scenarios to help keep the dog ready to protect...this is the Foundation of our new Pets that also Protect program.

What it is: A program that starts with our 4 week Board and Train and upon acceptance into the Pets That Also Protect program, private lessons and group classes to bring out the protection capabilities of the dogs. Obedience is first, then protection work. Dogs and their owners will be evaluated for entry into the program, and the owners will be trained first. After successful owner training, we will begin working the dog/owner team through "Protection Training Group Classes". Owners will learn how to maintain their dogs obedience and to put the dog in a position to protect the family. Group classes will include advanced obedience, prey drive development, defense drive development, and bite development for the dog...and the owner. Group classes will include owners of our finished Foundation Dogs®: Service dogs that also protect, protection dogs for abused women, and our family/executive protection dog clients.

What it is NOT: We are not a sport club. Although many of our trainers and decoys participate in K9 sports, this is not the place for sport. This is an offering for dog owners who simply want to bring out the best in their dog in obedience and protection.

We will conduct seminars, group classes and online training/trouble-shooting for our members. September 2nd, 2023 is the launch date for the pilot program in Milton Florida. Come join us and learn what it is all about.


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