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Top Tier K9 has entered into a partnership with the Wyndham Garden hotel in Tallahassee Florida. Directly across the street from our Tallahassee Facility where we provide our Pet Trainer Certification program as well as our owner/handler training and bonding program for our service dog customers. A 4,500 sq ft training center with built in kennels. This concrete/cinder block facility has a dedicated student classroom, 2 pet training areas, high speed internet, 30 kennels and is a hurricane proof facility that you can now walk to from your hotel.

The hotel is offering our students a block of rooms with or without their dogs. During pet trainer certifications the students will spend the first week understanding business development, project management, Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy, customer relationship management and will build their executable business plans while presenting their progress to other students and instructors. This greatly increases our graduates public speaking abilities. A beautiful and comfortable room to relax in with desks, lounge areas, and a bar to begin building their plans for their new dog training businesses will be a great boost to motivation. The second week entails hands on training with the pets housed directly behind the hotel at the Top Tier K9 facility.

Our service dog customers will enjoy ADA compliant rooms and a staff that is trained is service dog interfacing. Customers will have easy access to training rooms and the ability to create exposure and socialization with their new service dogs in the hotel, the Applebee's restaurant and directly across the street from the Governors Square Mall. Peace and tranquility is a private ADA compliant room with their new service dog and near instant access to about every distraction known to man to proof their service dog and increase that bond. The hotel sits at 1355 Apalachee Parkway and Top Tier K9 has it's Tallahassee facility at 1355 East Lafayette street.


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