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Next Pet Trainer Class Starts 1 June 2023

Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog Trainers will launch it's summer program beginning 1 June 2023. The Pet Trainer program is offered with a day and a night option. Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday, Live online, you can choose the morning class from 10-11:30am or the night class from 6-7:30pm for the 8 week program. Everything you need to comprehend about dogs and dog training is included in the class with real-time, face to face training with the top dog trainers in the world. For study materials you have written documentation, video streaming and the world's first and only Virtual Reality Dog Training Center.

Towards the end of the pet trainer class, you will have the option to start the Foundation Dog® Trainer class. Learn to train a puppy to track, find specific odor, perform advanced obedience and protect. The resulting Foundation Dog® is then used by you as your demo dog for your business, or you can take it through the Masters programs to finish your Foundation Dog® as a service dog, protection dog, or special security dog.

Your certification opportunities that follow include the Pet Trainer certification with the business bootcamp at the Top Tier K9 facility in Madison Florida. A full week of world-class business training to help you launch your own dog training business or to launch a Top Tier K9 Franchise (if you qualify). The Foundation Dog® Trainer certification takes you and your Foundation Dog® to the upper 1% level of dog trainers in the country, the "top dogs" of the industry are certified Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® trainers.

Our Masters programs are designed for you to learn how to add advanced working dog training to your business. From service dogs to virus detection dogs, a Foundation Dog® can be finished for specific missions in just 8 weeks. This allows our graduates to continue to overtake the industry with high quality and rapid sales/distribution of service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs including law enforcement and military applications. As an example, the average time in America today for someone with disabilities to obtain a service dog is 5-6 years (and growing). The average time for deployment of a Top Tier K9 service dog is only 8 weeks, police K9: 8 weeks, protection dog: 8 weeks, narcotics detection dog: 8 weeks, explosive detection dog: 8 weeks, etc.. The Foundation Dog® process you learn at Top Tier K9 allows you to train dogs at your convenience and then finish those dogs for specific missions 8 weeks after contract from the buyer.

Our franchise system is creating non-food franchises at a rate 2x that of the national average. Opening up a Top Tier K9 dog training business in your community helps you jump start your life as a entrepreneur. A chance to be your own boss and carry the brand of one of the most well respected dog training companies in the world; Top Tier K9. If you don't qualify to launch a franchise, or you simply want to brand and launch your own, private label dog training business, we support you in that effort as well. Our mission is to empty shelters and by training more dog trainers, that is having the desired impact in the communities that have a Top Tier K9 certified trainer. Our support systems, after graduation and used for our graduates clients include seminars, online streaming of subscription based training videos and our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center. This allows Top Tier K9 Certified Dog trainers to use these amazing systems to train their own clients, allowing them to focus more time and energy on training dogs..and making money!

June 1, 2023 is the next Pet Trainer class and that is where it all starts. Visit to register on the front of the site.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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