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We trust that you are doing well and prospering in the greatest nation on earth. Our business is BOOMING. More franchises, more students, and helping more people with pet training as well as deployment of service dogs and protection dogs.

Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog trainers. We are on track to train more than 150 Professional dog trainers this year. That is a record breaking pace, and the new normal for Top Tier K9. Our certified graduates have many options for their professional futures. They can launch their own "white label" dog training business with the skills they learn during pet trainer certification including project management, business analysis, and risk taking processes. The best of the best that qualify can launch a Top Tier K9 franchise, and for those not ready or not desiring to start their own businesses we have job opportunities in over 50 locations nationwide (soon to be 100) with certified locations (franchises) and certified affiliates.

We have a new franchise in Greenwood Indiana, and a new franchise in Tallahassee Florida. We have more than 50 students enrolled this year in our Academy for Dog Trainers with 17 already certifying as professional pet trainers and moving on to Foundation Dog training.

Litters on the ground: We have puppies that will be ready for our next Foundation Dog Trainer Class starting June 7th. These are amazing Malinois and Dutch Shepherd puppies and are used exclusively for our students, our staff and our franchisees for the development of demo dogs, service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs.

The Virtual Reality Dog Training Center version 3.1 is in QA and will allow users to access our franchise locations through the metaverse. We consider the metaverse as our 4th Corporate Location and it is expanding our reach and exposing VR users to dogs and dog training, things they may otherwise never experience in traditional communications platforms.

Service dogs and protection dog sales are increasing and we are deploying more quality K9 than ever before. Our service dog masters program (currently underway) now has dozens of case studies to use for research and in preparation for launching their own service dog training extension to their existing pet training businesses.

It all starts with the pet trainer online class. This is live online, we meet twice a week and teach you how to train pets for paying customers. This is followed by the onsite pet certification that includes our "best in the industry" business bootcamp. Next pet trainer class begins June 1, 2023. sign up at Contact us at (850) 909-2409.


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