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Masters in Protection Dog Training

There is a big difference between a handler and a trainer and an even bigger difference between a trainer and a decoy/helper.

It is the trainer that manages the outcome and it is the trainer that creates the opportunities for the dogs to win, for the handlers/owners to increase their confidence in the dog and for the decoy/helper to assist in the process to the benefit of the planned use of the dog.

Top Tier K9's Masters series of classes provides an educational process for Foundation Dog® Trainers to expand their businesses to include the training and sales of finished dogs to the public. Service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs are each distinctly covered by the masters classes and subsequent certifications.

The next class starts in just 1 week, on June 27th, 2023 at 10am - Noon The Masters in Protection Dog training focuses on identifying the needs of the protection dog buyer, choosing the right Foundation Dog® from inventory, and finishing that dog for the needs of the buyer using a decoy/helper that is sufficiently trained and operates within the confines of the needs of the trainer, the buyer, and the Foundation Dog®. Top Tier K9 is establishing a proper Decoy Training program as well in support of our Franchise System so that our Franchisees have access to a network of Professional decoy/helpers through our Mobile Support Team and to create the potential for direct hires.

The demand for protection dogs is on the rise and those in a position to professionally train and deploy protection dogs will benefit from this increase in demand. Additionally, a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® can be finished as a Protection Dog in just 8 weeks after contract. This period of time includes training the new owners, some who have never had a dog before.

The Masters in Protection Dog Training will also teach the trainer the differences between a Foundation Dog® and a green dog and provide the tools to communicate the differences to the buying public. Contact us at (850) 909-2409 or through our website at to enroll in the class. You must be in our Foundation Dog® Trainer program (current, past or certified) to join this class.


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