Litters on the Ground

We have 12 week old Belgian Malinois puppies available through our Litters on the Ground program. These puppies are currently in phase 1 of the Foundation Dog® training program and can be purchased now or throughout the program (phase 2, phase 3 or finished).

These puppies are immediately available to certified Foundation Dog® trainers. For all others, you are required to take a handlers course as these Belgian Malinois puppies will be absolute beasts.

There are 5 puppies nearing the end of Foundation Dog® training Phase 1. Click here to see the training protocols for our 4 phases of Foundation Dog® training.

These are working dogs, not pets. They all have deep, strong and full bites. They are tracking straight line, alerting to specific odor, and are working on leash obedience. They are fearless and stable.

Puppies can be purchased now and you can add additional phases to their training packages, or purchase them and take them home, training them yourself.

We have 12 new puppies coming into the program mid June (8 Mals and 2 British labs), and another litter of Mals due in 5 weeks, that can be purchased with your optional training packages or can be leased through our municipality K9 leasing program (city, county, state law enforcement and government agencies).

Our Litters on the ground program allows us to be scalable based on demand through an organized and planned project management program that includes breeder quality assurance oversight and breeder support systems including real-time ve