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Intro to Foundation Dog® Training

A new class has been added to Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog Training. Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training. This 8 week class includes the entire working dog training bundle of DVDs and video streaming and meets once a week live online for demonstrations, experience sharing, and round table discussions on:

  • Puppy selection from working lines

  • Health and Nutrition for working K9s

  • Advanced Obedience

  • Tracking

  • Scent Detection

  • Protection/Apprehension

You do NOT need a puppy for this 8 week class! This is your chance to learn all about training working dogs BEFORE you decide to make an investment in a working line puppy. Once you complete this course, you decide when you want a puppy and after you acquire a new puppy, you can begin your Foundation Dog® trainer class that following Saturday! Foundation Dog® trainer will run every Saturday where you can get help training your puppy and finishing your Foundation Dog® training!

Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training meets every Wednesday from 10am - Noon EST and Foundation Dog® Trainer (once you get a puppy) meets every Saturday from 11am - 1pm EST. Intro is 8 weeks long and Foundation Dog® trainer is 12 weeks long. Foundation Dogs® have recently been evaluated for deployment at the highest levels of military and law enforcement missions including Hostage Rescue and have been determined to be far superior to existing green dog acquisitions and training. Less expensive, longer service life, shorter training times, better training outcomes and increased reliability are all qualities of Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® when compared to green dogs. The future is bright for Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® and now is the time for you to learn how to train them. Next class starts Wednesday August 23rd at 10am. Top Tier K9 Pet Trainer class is a prerequisite to Introduction to Foundation Dog® training. You must be a Pet Trainer student (Pet Trainer begins August 10th) or recent graduate of our Pet trainer program to participate in this class. Sign up for both at

Foundation dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC.


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