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International Certification

We congratulate KHALID S. ALOMAIR of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who certified as a Top Tier K9 pet trainer and is planning to continue his education with Foundation Dog Trainer.. Khalid opened his business Action Dogs SA and is successfully running his business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Top Tier K9's business development program is global, it takes into account the changing climate of business opportunities and helps expose our students to International opportunities. We have students from all over the world attending Top Tier K9.

I have gained a lot of in depth knowledge and practical training during this course , more importantly, the business development section helped me tremendously. The training methods adopted by Top Tier k9 are proven to be both effective and practical. I'm very thankful for having this opportunity and look forward continuing my professional development journey with Jeff Minder , he is the master of dog training business - KHALID S. ALOMAIR


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