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Be Your Own Boss

There is nothing better than working for yourself. You decide what is important and you focus on productive activities instead of the "look busy" mantra of so many organizations today.

Far too many people spend their days counting the hours between now and lunch, now and the end of the workday, now and the weekend, and the and retirement. Watching as their abilities and skills go untapped, unappreciated, and uncompensated. Waiting for someone else to create their "next big break" or biting their tongue so as not to jeopardize their 1.5% annual pay raise.

If you are not jumping our of bed in the morning, excited about the day, then you are probably wasting your life in a dead-end job putting money in the pockets of someone else.

When you are ready to leave that world, when you are ready to start and run your own business in an industry that continues to grow regardless of pandemics, lockdowns, or inflation, set your sites on the world of dog training and look to the world's leading dog trainer school; Top Tier K9.

At Top Tier K9 you will learn to train pets and to start and run your own pet training business. You will learn to train Foundation Dogs; dogs that track, find specific odor, protect and perform advanced obedience tasks. You will learn to finish those Foundation Dogs as protection dogs, service dogs, and special security dogs like police K9, bomb dogs and even virus detection dogs.

Once you are ready to start your own business, you can open a private label dog training business or you can apply to open a Top Tier K9 franchise location using our advanced franchising system that provides you with world-class business management training, virtual reality training systems for your customers and even access to funding sources that will help you launch your franchise.

Visit and to learn more. The next training class for private label and franchise candidates begins September 8th with day and night classes. keep your day job until you are ready to launch your dog training business. We help you succeed!


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