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Learn to be a Dog Trainer

The next Pet trainer Class begins September 2, 2020. Click here to register for the class

Top Tier K9 is one of the best dog trainer schools in the world and offers the best pet training, working dog training, Foundation Dog® training and business training programs available, anywhere.

It all begins with the Pet Trainer class followed by Pet trainer Certification where you will learn to train pets for paying customers and learn to start and run your own dog training business. This is not a franchise, it is YOUR business do run as you see fit. Next is the Foundation Dog® Trainer class followed by Foundation Dog® certification. You can jump off after pet training or you can dive into the world of working dogs. The best working dogs in the world start their lives off as Foundation Dogs®. 50 elements that roll up into 4 specific functions; Tracking, scent detection, protection/apprehension and advanced obedience.

You can then move into our masters programs that include protection dogs, service dogs for people with disabilities, Police/Military K9, and our Special Security dog program that includes virus detection, bomb/explosives detection, and other advanced scent work programs.

Visit to learn all about our school and associated K9 programs.

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