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Change your life April 9th, 2020

Being a professional dog trainer is an amazing way of life. You get to work with dogs every day and improve the lives of those dogs and their owners.

We teach you how to do it right. How to train dogs properly, using a balanced approach to dog training that allows you to fix even the most challenging behavior problems. We teach you how to start and run your own business and how to train the owners, not just the dogs.

You even have the option to learn how to train dogs to do advanced work, you can learn how to create a Foundation Dog®. A dog that tracks, finds specific odor, works off-leash, and bites the bad guy.

Once you complete Foundation Dog® Training, you can go into our masters series for training police K9, military K9, family and executive protection dogs, even service dogs for people with disabilities.

We have effectively developed on-line classes that use the internet instead of the interstate. Not a repository of videos and documents but a meeting space, live on-line with your instructors, followed by an on-site certification run at our Madison Florida campus.

Nobody does it better than Top Tier K9. Next live on-line class begins April 9th. Sign up for 8 weeks of an amazing education on training pets and you can even concurrently start the April 22 Foundation Dog® Trainer Class. 14 weeks live on-line. This gives you 4 months of the best dog trainer classes available anywhere...from the comfort of your own home. Come out of the corona scare with a new skill set and a new lease (or leash) on life.

-Learn to train pets and to start and run your own business

-Learn to train working dogs (now called "Foundation Dogs®")

-Learn to finish your Foundation Dog® as a police K9, military K9, service dog, protection dog, sport dog...and more

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC

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