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Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs®

22 Belgian Malinois Puppies successfully completed phase 1 and 11 British Labs have successfully completed phase 2 of the of the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® program.

3 Malinois litters from amazing pedigrees are being trained in the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® Program. Matching Top Bloodlines with Top Tier K9 training to produce amazing Foundation Dogs® ready to be finished as Law Enforcement K9, Service Dogs, Military K9, Family or Executive Protection Dogs.

2 British Lab litters. with equally amazing pedigrees. are being trained in the Foundation Dog training program for finishing as Service Dogs, and Law Enforcement/Military K9 for advanced detection services including detection of explosive devices.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9 and cannot be used by anyone except with the written authorization of Top Tier K9.

A Foundation Dog® completes a training process based on 4 phases of training and testing developed using world class project management processes and supported by our Academy for Dog Trainers. Using advanced training techniques and Top Tier K9 replicable methods, our Foundation Dogs® are ready for finishing for specific mission requirements. In just a few weeks a Certified Foundation Dogs® can be finished for deployment as Law Enforcement and Military K9, finished as service dogs for people with disabilities, finished as family or executive protection dogs...and so much more.

Visit to learn more about our Foundation Dogs® and our Academy for Dog Trainers.

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