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Business Startup Bootcamp

20 years ago, Jeff Minder began the process of developing a new way to start and launch successful businesses. A replicable process that would create an end result 3 times greater than the traditional business planning processes of the past. 9 out of 10 businesses fail in their first year. That is a fact that is well researched, documented and accepted. Out of the 10% of year one survivors 70% fail in their second year of business and another 30% fail in their third year of business.

At the end of year 3, most businesses survive and begin to flourish to the benefit of their founders, owners, employees, investors and communities. The odds of launching a successful business, under currently accepted processes, is 10% year one, 30% year two, and 70% year three.

Businesses fail 90% of the time, yet only 70% of projects fail each year. This fact is also well documented and accepted in the field of project management. Effective project management practices have never been applied to business startups! That's right! Businesses have traditionally focused on costs and schedule over scope and quality. That is why so many businesses fail and that is why, compared to business development as a project, projects are succeeding at a rate three times greater often than business startups.

Venture capital is the primary cause of business startup failure. The investors make the entrepreneur focus on costs and schedule to the point they overwhelm the entrepreneur and remove the focus on his product, service or result. Jeff Minder has developed a new process for launching businesses that change that focus from cost and schedule to scope and quality, for the benefit of cost and schedule! That's right...the investors will benefit by removing the focus on cost and schedule to the BENEFIT OF COST AND SCHEDULE.

THE NEW BUSINESS PLAN On Monday, January 13th, 2020 Jeff Minder is hosting a Business Development Workshop in Madison Florida that will teach you how to integrate your idea for a business into world class project management processes. The end result is an EXECUTABLE plan focused on the quality of your offering (product, service, result) as opposed to the traditional business planning processes. Begin the journey that is truly the American dream! Learn to start and run your own business! Put your idea for a new product or service in the forefront of your 2020 "Make America Great Again" agenda!!! It all starts January 13th, 2020 at 9am in Madison Florida in the Top Tier K9 campus! Visit to learn more or simply Register here​ for the class!

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