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New Puppies Arriving

33 high drive Malinois and Dutch Shepherd puppies are on the ground and will begin their Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® training in January. The program will imprint 50 training elements in the long term memory of the dogs. These elements will then roll up to teach the dogs 4 foundational skills or functions; tracking, scent detection, protection/apprehension, and advanced obedience.

Once completed, around April of 2020, these puppies will be Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® and ready for finishing school for deployment in Law Enforcement, Military, Service for the Disabled, Executive and Family Protection, and any other need where advanced K9 skills will benefit the mission.

Elements roll up into functions. Functions can then be combined with additional elements to create new features. Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® are then finished, alongside their buyers/handlers, for deployment in specific vertical markets and for use in any theater of operation.

Each quarter, new puppies are added to the program. The additions coincide with the start of our Foundation Dog Trainer Programs (Working Dog Trainer) where our students learn to build Foundation Dogs® for distribution through their own client networks or to sell back to top Tier K9 to help satisfy the growing demand for these amazing dogs.

Students learn to train puppies in all elements and functions necessary for any working dog to be successful. Students train a Foundation Dog® from start to finish in the comfort of their own homes and throughout their own communities to help build their business brand. Students then travel to our Madison Florida Campus to certify as working dog trainers. During certification, students work with advanced dogs and support the finishing schools of Military and Law Enforcement K9, Executive and family protection, Service dogs for the disabled, and even sports dogs. while improving their own demo dogs.

Trainers must complete the pet trainer certification prior to certifying as a working dog trainer. Military, Law Enforcement, Service Dog training, and sport are all masters programs within the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers are can be taken after certifying as a working dog trainer.

Visit to sign up for the next available classes: Pet trainer January 7, 2020

Working Dog Trainer January 8, 2020 Service Dog Trainer February 19, 2020

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