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Top Tier K9: Six Sigma with Dogs

As Top Tier K9 expands, our focus will remain the happiness of our dogs and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our quality will always improve because we measure our success through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) established throughout our dog training and human education processes and then use those indicators to modify our deliverables in a way that helps ensure constant improvement. It is a quality program known as Six Sigma, and as a certified project manager (PMP) I built the foundation of Top Tier K9 with growth and constant improvement defined in our scope.

What you are about to witness is an aggressive expansion of our core competencies. You will see more Top Tier K9 Certified Dog Trainers in your community, you will see a facilities expansion of our school and pet and working dog training centers throughout the country, you will see more Law Enforcement agencies acquire Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs, you will see an expansion in the Service Dog, Personal/Family and Executive Protection Industries, as well as a high level offering to US and allied Military forces throughout the world through new partnerships and strategic alliances involving our Foundation Dogs, bomb detection, and security services.

Top Tier K9 was built to be scalable. Sales drives production and Top Tier K9 is achieving record sales. As we create new training programs, those programs are instantly accessible to our graduates through our affiliate program. As dogs are deployed to the field, young entrepreneurs will be setting up their own businesses, keeping 100% of their profits, and growing their own offerings in support of our training techniques and methods germaine to our Foundation Dog programs. This is what our Academy for Dog Trainers is all about.

Nobody will outwork us, our dog training programs are only matched by our business training programs. No other dog trainer school in the world offers what Top Tier K9 already delivers. On July 4th, 2019 our radio show will be daily from 3-4 EST and now on 2 radio stations covering South Georgia and Northern Florida while being simultaneously audio streamed and video streamed all over the world.

I went "Galt" (see Ayn Rand "Atlas Shrugged") for almost a decade. I came back to help lift capitalism and our constitution to the tier they each deserve; the Top Tier! Dogs are the greatest gift God has given us and I love improving the relationship between man and his best it made perfect sense...Top Tier K9 the absolute gold standard in the dog and people training industries.

#Holdmybeer and never forget...I am also a systems developer, software engineer, database guy and previously owned a software development company. As these processes get closer to 99.9997% accurate (six sigma) an internet based platform will follow to improve the communications and workflow between the company, our affiliates, our customers and our prospects.

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