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Facilities Update

As we continue to grow and provide additional value to our customers, we are expanding our facilities with a focus on security, serenity, and functionality. Safety, security and functionality. Top Tier K9 facilities include a dog and human training facility, under a single roof, that covers more than 10,000 sq feet of heated and cooled space. An additional boarding and training center is 2,500 sq ft sits adjacent to our primary facility. These facilities are nestled in a 2.5 acre area protected by 8 foot high security fencing with controlled access points. No surprise visitors. Students, customers and their dogs are fully protected.

A "surface challenge" bridge connects the back door of the primary training center to an enclosed 4 acre obstacle course (under development) that will include every police and military K9 obstacle as well as live fire areas. water obstacles and drone challenges, exposing our foundation dogs to as many challenges in training as humanly possible during their finishing programs.

10 additional fenced acres with a stocked pond, covered training area, cabins, RV hookups and a student lounge sitting on an island between the ponds allows for relaxation and battery re-charging. All within walking distance of the training and living facilities.

Our pet and working dog training programs provide owners with a safe and effective program for training their dogs. Our property in on Interstate 10 with paved county road access making it one of the most accessible K9 training centers in the country.Our dedicated Internet access lines ensure constant and strong internet access for our video and training center as we stream live through our on-line training programs, teaching people around the world how to train dogs, manage projects, and start/run their own dog training businesses.

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