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Business Bootcamp 1-5 October

Graduates of Top Tier K9's Dog Trainer School are fully prepared to train pets for paying clients (Pet Trainer Certification) to train working dogs for sale (Working Dog Trainer Certification) and to train service dogs for people with disabilities (Service Dog Trainer Certification). In addition to this training, Top Tier K9 is the only dog trainer school that offers world class training in business development and project management to our students.

There are many great dog trainers who are never able to take that step to start their own business. The industry is full of those "graduates" from the other dog trainer schools. They live in squalor, or continue to live with their parents, and they struggle every day to just make ends meet. That is the sad fact for a large majority of dog trainers. Top Tier K9 Certified Dog Trainers do not find themselves in that same predicament. Why? Because of the massive focus on business development and project management, as well as the ongoing support of our affiliate program that simply does not exist at other dog trainer schools.

We are kicking off our On-Campus dog trainer program this October 1st. We start the programs off with our 5 day business development bootcamp ($695) followed by:

  • Pet Trainer Program and Certification - Oct 8 to Nov 15 ($4,950)

  • Working Dog Trainer and Certification - Nov 18 to Feb 14 ($7,950)

  • Service Dog trainer and Certification - Feb 16 to April 15 ($5,445)

  • Safe Catch Decoy Training and Certification Offered multiple times throughout the year ($2,450)

Each Training and Certification program requires the previous, but a student can complete a program, jump off and go to work, then come back in the future and start at the previously certified level.

You can choose to take the business development bootcamp only as well.

Visit to learn more. Contact Jeff Minder at (850) 321-3253 to register for the classes. Registration deadline is 15 Septemebr, 2018.

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