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Katie Sutton

Congratulations to Katie Sutton! Our newest CERTIFIED Pet Trainer Congratulations to Katie Sutton of St. Louis Missouri, our newest Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Trainer! Katie spent 7 weeks on-line in our "Art of Dog Training" (Knowledge Level of Learning) learning how dogs communicate and how to train and care for other people's pets. She also learned how to start her own business through effective project management.

Katie then demonstrated her skills training pets in our "Pet Trainer Program" (Comprehension Level of Learning); real time, face to face/Hands on training via our on-line classroom with Top Tier K9 Master Trainers. Katie then traveled to Greeley Colorado and trained several pets and their owners, demonstrating our proven balanced approach to dog training that she learned in the previous classes.Katie certified (with flying colors) under the watchful eye of Kari Koch (Application Level of Learning).

Katie also participated in nose work and protection programs at our Gold Affiliate location Mountain State K9 Academy with Jake Kemp and Cody Barday exposing her to working dog training. "Top Tier K9 offered everything I needed in a dog training program – expert instructors, scientifically backed training, and the flexibility to continue with my current job. I was fortunate to have previously worked with Kari Koch and was aware of her standards of excellence when it comes to training both dogs and owners. I knew that under her mentorship I would develop the level of skill needed to be successful in pet training. I was also impressed by Jeff’s integration of psychological theory into Top Tier’s curriculum. As a psychologist by education, it was important to me that the dog training methods and project management training were based on both science and industry experience. Finally, as a working professional I was able to achieve my Top Tier Pet Certification while continuing my full time job. I look forward to continuing with Top Tier K9 as I open my part-time dog training business and complete their working dog programs. I would not hesitate to recommend Top Tier to individuals looking to develop their dog training and business skills." - Katie Sutton

Katie plans to enter the working dog trainer program (Analysis Level of Learning).

We designed and developed the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers using Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy and world class Project Management methodologies. Not everyone can become a Top Tier K9 Certified Trainer, but those who do are on the right track to having phenomenal dog training businesses providing high quality and consistent services to their customers and their customer's best friends!Help us Congratulate Katie Sutton! She is an amazing dog trainer! Way to go Katie!

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