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We are planning a HUGE dog training seminar the weekend of October 7-8 at our Madison Florida campus.  Overall protection seminar with breakout sessions from industry experts in advanced obedience, scent detection, tracking and service dog training and deployment.  Choose a break out session to compliment the protection seminar and learn more than you could at any other seminar in the country.  All in one location with amazing facilities, teachers, and dog trainers.


The seminar will have an overall theme of effective puppy imprinting and forecasting using a combination of operant and classical conditioning to build confident and reliable working dogs. Effectively managing prey and defense drives, we will have the protection program running each day with breakout sessions for advanced obedience, scent detection, tracking and the development and deployment of service dogs


Advanced obedience and the e-collar. Balancing reward and correction to create anticipation and hope in the dog. Sharpen your competitive skills with Ms. Kari Koch during the advanced obedience breakout.


Scent Detection with Duane Pickel. Learn from the first man to ever train a dog to indicate on human cancer cells. Duane Pickel also ran the K9 division for the Tallahassee Police department and holds 25 world titles in AKC.  Duane wrote the book on K9 training for the state of Florida Law Enforcement (literally)


Protection and decoy work with Nick Meier. Learn to create an amazing bond between the dog and decoy and improve the bite development, increase the prey drive, and build more confidence with defense drive...all in one seminar.  Nick does protection work all over the world and is also working on Rhino protection with dogs in Africa and advanced dog training programs in China.


Tracking with Jeff Minder. How to become a better partner to your working dog. The basics of man-tracking and how to train a puppy to track.


Advanced training on Service Dog development and deployment with Jeff Minder. Full analysis of the ADA requirements and how to build a service dog that also protects. This will be of special interests to veterans who suffer PTSD and need to feel like the service dog that provides specific medical support can also provide a controlled level of protection in complete accordance with ADA requirements.

Register and provide seminar payment of $350 through our internet classroom.  This payment includes the seminar and a breakout session of your choice.  Lunch will be provided each day consisting of sandwich, chips and a drink.  There are several hotels within 3 miles of our facilities with rates between $60 and $100 a night.  On-site housing is sold out Campus rooms, cabin, RV Hookups available on-site for those interested.



This breakout session will teach you how to track and how to train your dog to track. 

Jeff Minder, Master Dog Trainer, Man-tracker, and award winning Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) expert, will teach you how to train a dog to track humans and to create a team that increases your chances of finding the target safely and effectively.

This is a knowledge based level of learning 2 hour session, designed to teach you to a level that will allow you to return home and begin training your dog to track.




This breakout session is for trainers and interested parties who want to learn the foundations of training protection dogs.

You will learn the process of selection and training for multi-leveled protection dogs from "Bark at the bad guy" to "Eat the bad guy" and everything in between.

Nick Meier will help you learn how to develop your dog and also how to become a decoy/helper and safely take bites.


One of the most under-served areas of dog training, we put a structure to protection training and a process to training the dog and training the owner in order to meet very specific needs of the owner and his family.

Scent Detection


In this breakout session you will learn how to train a dog to recognize, alert to, and indicate on specific target odors.  

Hosted by Mr. Duane Pickel; the first man to get a dog to indicate on cancer cells on humans, former head of the Tallahassee Police Department K9 unit, and holder of 25 world titles in AKC.  This man is a wealth of knowledge 

Learn to train your dog to find drugs in your children's bedrooms, schools, parks and cars. Learn how to train a dog to find explosive devices, cell phones, bed bugs, guns and knives, deer antlers, wounded deer...you name it, we can train a dog to find it and we will show you our secrets.

Obedience and the E-Collar


This breakout session will teach you how to effectively establish a reward and correction system for any dog, how to create and charge markers, and how to effectively introduce corrections into the puzzle of the balanced approach to dog training.

Anyone can use an e-collar, but to use it properly you must introduce it in a way that the dog comprehends why he is being corrected and is still motivated to continue learning.  It is a combination of positive and negative reinforcement to build hope and confidence in your dog.


Ms. Kari Koch hosts this seminar.  Kari has over 30 years experience as a dog trainer, was lead instructor at the Tom Rose School for 6 years, co-owner of Mountain State K9 Academy in Greeley Colorado and co-Founder of Top Tier K9.  An amazing person and teacher.

Service Dog Training


This breakout session will educate you on current ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) requirements as they pertain to service dogs and will clear the haze that surrounds the industry of service dog training.

Learn the process of training service dogs to also provide protection to their owners.  A huge demand in the world of veterans who need service dogs that also provide them a sense of confidence and safety so they can sleep better and venture into public with a greater level of confidence.


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