Safe Catch Decoy Certification Program:  Live On-Line and Live On-Site

Top Tier K9 offers a Safe Catch Decoy Certification 

Our students learn to create protection dogs at all levels of a dogs life-cycle and development opportunities.  Top Tier K9 Certified Safe Catch Decoys can effectively manage the on-going support necessary to ensure a protection dog continues to grow and improve safely.  This certification also provides opportunities for decoys to work with certified Top Tier K9 Working Dog Trainers and Affiliates across the country to expand their service offerings in sport and protection dog development

Training includes:

  • Proofing working dogs into the protection dog arena

  • Common needs of the protection and sports dog industry

  • Health and nutrition of a protection dog

  • Effective Decoy and helper techniques to avoid injury of dog and self

  • Effective Decoy and helper techniques to improve a protection dog through progressive elaboration 

  • Personal injuries common in the the Decoy/Helper arena and how to avoid them

  • ...and so much more


Certification Requirements

Safe Catch Program:  Live On-Line:  4 hours of instruction and approximately 8 hours of study followed by a comprehension level test on how to train a dog to protect you and your family.  Participants must score a minimum of 70% on the test to be eligible to attend the On-Site Certification. 

Safe Catch Certification:  Live On-Site: 10 days of intense training and decoy development (Must complete Safe Catch Live On-Line program to be eligible)  


Safe Catch Certification Test:  Written exam during Safe Catch Certification


Prices are subject to change without notice.  Each class is paid for separately, allowing students to gain knowledge and select the next level of training only after they pass the previous level.  This allows students to determine if they have what it takes to be a successful dog trainer BEFORE committing to thousands of dollars of training.  Only Top Tier K9 offers this form of certification path.


Additional costs are associated with expenses for travel and living costs at certification locations. 


There are no refunds.  You pay for each class as you determine you are ready for it.  Once the class is completed, provided you pass the class, you will be invited to attend the next phase of training.  There is no guarantee that you will certify .  If you are not motivated, if you do not dedicate the time and effort to accomplish the requirements, you should not sign up for this program.  

Top Tier K9 provides it's standards, encased in our certification programs, to an industry without standards or requirements for certifications.  Through this application we train students to become dog trainers and business professionals specifically for their own reward and satisfaction.  We are not a state controlled college or university, they don't teach people how to start their own businesses nor do they teach them how to train dogs...we do both. We are not preparing our students for employment, we are teaching them how to start and manage their own dog training businesses for their own satisfaction and reward.

Safe Catch Decoy Program

This is a Live On-Line program that is required prior to arriving at Top Tier K9 in Madison Florida for the 10 day certification program.  In this class you will learn at a comprehension level of learning:

  • Decoy training equipment and how to use it

  • Effective drive building (prey drive)

  • Bite development

  • Developing the bond between dog and decoy

  • Line bites

  • Targeting

  • Drag ins

  • Send ins

  • Obedience for bites

  • Scenerios

This class includes access to Top Tier K9's Video "How to train a Protection Dog" as well as written documents.  You will meet the instructors in the classroom Live On-Line for knowledge level training and will then study the video and written documentation prior to the second class.  In the second Live On-Line class we will answer all open questions about the training collateral and discussion and you will take a comprehension level test on the materials.  You must score a minimum of a 70% on the test prior to attending a certification class in Madison Florida.You can retake the class and exam up to 3 times at a reduced cost if you fail the exam.

Safe Catch Decoy Certification

This is a Live On-Site program where you practice hands on work under the watchful eye and instruction of Top tier K9 staff and associates.  No personal dog is required to attempt this certification, but you are welcome to bring and work your own dog as well. 

  • Properly use and maintain decoy training equipment

  • Demonstrate effective drive building techniques (prey and defense)

  • Successfully improve bite development on dogs

  • Develop the bond between dog and decoy

  • Demonstrate successful line bite techniques

  • Demonstrate successful targeting development

  • Demonstrate handler management and catching of dogs during drag ins

  • Demonstrate handler management and catching of dogs during send ins

  • Demonstrate handler management and catching of dogs during Obedience for bites

  • Develop and execute successful scenarios

Safe Catch Decoy Certification Test

This is a Live On-Site test conducted on the final day of certification.  This is an analysis level of learning test.  You must score a minimum of 70% to certify.  The test can be retaken at a reduced rate after taking a refresher class that will be conducted the afternoon of day 10.  retesting is offered the morning of day 11.  If the retest is failed the student must attend another Safe decoy certification class to test again.​

Safe Catch Forum (Optional)

This is a Live On-Line weekly meeting of members to discuss equipment, issues, and provide networking opportunities.  members will be live On-Line with top Tier K9 staff for any assistance is developing their decoy/helper skills and opening up decoy opportunities.

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