Puppy Imprinting

We mold puppies into strong working dogs

Imprinting takes place from week 7 to week 24+ of the puppy’s life.  This training program will teach your puppy how to perform Tracking, Object Retrieval, Obedience, Specific Odor Detection, Beginning Protection Work, Field Survival Capabilities, Service work and so much more.  

Our System

Our unique process, developed specifically to create advanced working dogs, is proven and without peer.  This process is taught to our students in our Working Dog - Puppy Imprinting and Forecasting course and our students who intend to certify as a working dog trainer then demonstarte this method with their own working class puppy during the Working Dog Trainer Program.


We build a specific training plan for the puppy based on his/her unique temperament and disposition as well as the future owners specific needs and desires.  Do you want a family protection dog?  A dual purpose protection/bomb detection dog?  A dog you want to win trials or nosework competitions with?  Do you want a dog to help your veteran with PTSD?  We custom build your dogs education plan, providing exactly what is needed for your dog to be successful.


The puppy is then trained by certified Top Tier K9 Working Dog Trainers, with weekly evaluations of the puppy's health, attitude, and progress toward your predefined objectives.The end result is a 20+ week old puppy that will be the envy of all your friends.  We have merged advanced dog training and project management methods into a unique solution that will meet your very specific needs.

Fun for the Pups

Our processes have been developed with the puppy's safety and attitude in mind. We focus on fun for the dogs and use balanced training techniques and methodologies to mold the puppies into amazing working dogs.  Our one of a kind imprinting process is the basis of our Working Dog - Puppy Imprinting Program.  We teach our students how to replicate our processes so they can be successful training their own working dogs and offer the service to their customers. We "eat our own cooking" meaning, we use the same techniques to train dogs that we teach in our Academy for Dog Trainers.


We bring the best our of the dogs, and they are active participants in the journey.  Our dogs want to work and are rewarded for success.

Survival Games


At Top Tier K9 we prepare dogs for real emergency situations, for that time when you need your dog's capability to survive and overcome a life or death situation... like a home invasion, robbery or car jacking.   


Our Survival Games help you live with your dog in austere conditions and under real stress so that you (and your dog) can grow to rely on the other for survival and security.  The bond that these programs creates between you and your Top Tier K9 is unmatched by any other program.


Learn the art of survival and share some time with your dog...doesn't get any better than that.

Join us at bass pro Shops for our Free seminars on Wilderness Survival and learn how to turn your dog into an asset during emergency situations

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