Top Tier K9 Super Dogs - Trained to Order

We breed for intelligence, drive and stability. Our puppies have the on switch of a Malinois and the off-switch of a German Shepherd (GSD).  The purpose of our program is to provide highly intelligent, trained puppies to owners and handlers who do not want to become professional dog trainers but want to own, handle and control amazing working dogs.  Relaxed in the home or office but alert and ready to take on a threat in a split second.  Faster than you can access your concealed weapon. Faster than the bad guy can do damage.







































The puppies are hand selected and then entered into our one-of-a-kind Puppy Imprinting and Forecasting program.  This program is the Special Forces Selection and Training Process adapted to the world of dogs.

Buyers determine at what level they want their puppy trained.  Each level consists of 3 weeks of training by Top Tier K9 Certified Working Dog Trainers.  Buyers can choose from training levels 1 through 4; puppies that complete the selected level are then available to the buyer.  During the training, the buyer must also complete owner and handler training in our Academy for Dog Trainers.  Each level selected for the training of the puppy, has an equal level of training for the buyer.

Phase 1 Puppy: No corrections except for manners:  The puppy learns reward system (markers and operant and classical conditioning applied) to sit, down, climb, stand (statics) indicate on a target object, straight line track, hand kiss, finger hold, run out, beginning recall, effective drive building for results of deep, calm bite.  Crate training, manners.

Phase 1 Human: Learn the imprinting and forecasting program at a Knowledge Level of Learning (see Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy).  Learn basic pet training, collar and leash management, and training equipment.  Learn how dogs communicate and how to manage the health and nutrition of a puppy.

Phase 2 Puppy: Introduce corrections:  Continue with operant and classical conditioning adding corrections to stop unwanted behaviors and establish the puppy's unique reward system (bank account).  Add turns to tracking, conduct field searches for selected scent detection (buyer selected narcotics/bomb/generic), backward heeling, continue with statics adding distractions and gaining duration, socialization with other dogs and humans at multiple locations. Begin object retrieval.   Multiple handlers and trainers (all certified Top Tier K9 Working Dog trainers).  We maintain the health and attitude of the puppies.


Phase 2 Human:  Learn the foundations of protection, scent detection, tracking and advanced obedience at a Knowledge Level of Learning.

Phase 3 Puppy:  Advanced Obedience:  Off leash training.  Random sits and downs from a distance, attention heeling, finishes, add additional odors for detection.  Improve indications on target odors using blocks, SCHI level tracking, BH level obedience.  Line bites and targeting on specific body parts.  Continue object retrieval.  Out command.

Phase 3 Human: Begin learning the protection, scent detection, tracking and advanced obedience at a Comprehension Level of Learning..

Phase 4 Puppy:  Building searches for target odors, advanced obedience with distractions, obedience for bites (managing loading)  SCHII level obedience SCHIII level tracking, Search and Rescue. Field survival skills.

Phase 4 Human:  Pass tests on protection, tracking and scent detection.  Take advanced training on health and nutrition.  Learn basics of sports (PSA, IPO)

Beyond phase 4 puppy and human:  Involves training with the dog and the new owner.  this is reserved for buyers who completed all 4 levels of training and who acquired Top Tier K9 puppies trained through all 4 Phases.  This includes working with our staff at our location and having our staff visit your location and test your dog under predefined home invasion scenarios, car jackings, muggings, search and rescue, bomb or narcotics detection, etc...  Constantly building the confidence and capability of the dog and the owner.


***Acceptance Criteria and Gateways:  After each phase of training, puppies are tested using very specific evaluation criteria.  For a puppy to advance to the next phase of training he must pass these evaluations and meet our health standards. 


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