Top Tier K9 and PaceM Solutions K9 Handler Certification

Top Tier K9 and PACEM Defense offer a joint Handler Certification that challenges military and law enforcement K9 teams to the highest level of achievement in tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience and protection/apprehension.  Teams that pass our certification programs are some of the best in the world.


Our Top Tier K9 Handler Certification program covers 4 functional areas that exploit the training contained in Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs and melds that capability with world class handler training in real world scenarios conducted at our state of the art facilities in Northern Florida.

Each functional area of training and certification is one week in duration at our North Florida location and includes lodging.

  • Tracking:  32 hours

  • Scent Detection: 32 hours

  • Advanced Obedience: 32 hours

  • Protection/Apprehension: 32 hours

Certification requires a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog.  Other training programs, seminars, and certificate programs allow the handlers to work with their existing K9, a Top Tier K9 Foundation dog or the use of a green dog.  With some seminars we will provide puppies for handlers to work with.

Additional seminars and training programs include

  • Wilderness survival with your K9

  • K9 health and nutrition

  • Establishing and maintaining a K9 unit within your organization

  • Advanced bomb detection in overseas theaters of operation

  • Scent detection seminars

  • Protection/apprehension seminars

  • Tracking seminars

  • Obedience and Advanced obedience seminars

  • Scenarios can include our shoot house, sniper ranges, live fire ranges including 40mm grenades, helicopter landing and extraction, drone support and recovery, search and rescue, confinement and cell breaching, and so much more.

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