On Campus Option

Top Tier K9 offers training packages that support the business professionals who want to learn to train dogs and run their own businesses but cannot leave their jobs and families to relocate to a traditional campus.  We also offer traditional campus opportunities for students who can spend time away from their existing careers and homes using our "On-Campus Option".

Next Class Begins 25 February, 2019

Week 1:  Business and Project Management Boot-Camp
Week 2-5: Pet Trainer and Certification
Week 6-16:  Working Dog Trainer Program and Certification
Week 17-24:  Service Dog Trainer and Certification

Safe Catch Decoy and Certification available on-demand

Contact us to learn more and to register

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Each class is paid for separately, allowing students to gain knowledge and select the next level of training only after they pass the previous level.  This allows students to determine if they have what it takes to be a successful dog trainer BEFORE committing to several thousands of dollars of training.  Only TTK9 offers this form of certification path. 


Additional costs are associated with expenses for travel and living expenses at Top Tier K9's Madison Florida Campus.  Working Dog Trainer Program requires an investment in one working dog puppy and the care and feeding of that puppy, this puppy can continue to be used in the service dog and decoy/helper programs.


There are no refunds.  You pay for each class as you determine you are ready for it.  Once the class is completed, provided you pass the class, you will be invited to attend the next phase of training.  There is no guarantee that you will certify .  If you are not motivated, if you do not dedicate the time and effort to accomplish the requirements, you should not sign up for this program.  Top Tier K9 certified dog trainers are the best in the business, not everyone is capable of becoming a Top Tier K9 certified trainer.

Student housing is available on the Madison Florida Campus.  Most rooms are $150 a week for Certifications and Immersion training and includes access to: Internet, utilities, kitchen, bathroom with shower, laundry room and parking and are located approximately 100 yards from the training facilities allowing you to live and train on the campus.  

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