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Today at 3:00pm EST Top Tier K9 will be broadcast live on 2 radio stations, live on Facebook, and live via the world wide web on 2 streaming systems. This will be a live broadcast about the Top Tier K9 programs including the Academy for Dog Trainers, the Foundation Dog program and the finishing programs for; service dogs for disabled veterans, law enforcement K9, executive protection dogs sport dogs and more. You can access the broadcast through any of the following portals If you are in the area of Northern Florida or Southern Georgia the show is live on FM 107.5 out of Jasper Florida and FM 92.1

Law Enforcement Handler Certification

Top Tier K9 offers a Law Enforcement Handler Certification in our portfolio of Foundation Dog certifications and processes. Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs are the alternative to green dogs. In many law enforcement agencies, green dogs are purchased from foreign locations, given bite and scent detection training, then marked up and resold to law enforcement agencies through green dog resellers. Law Enforcement Officers who want to become K9 Handlers are then sent to train with the green dogs for, on average, 6 weeks of time. Inexperienced handlers are often put into a training position with a green dog that neither are prepared for and the bonding process is often associated with compulsion an

World-Class Business Bootcamp

August 26-30, 2019 is our next business bootcamp at the facilities of Top Tier K9. Open to all, but seats are limited so register now, and will include our current Pet training students who will be on-campus to certify and prepare to launch their dog training businesses. The 4 day bootcamp in on-site at our Madison Florida Campus and ends with your personalized business plan ready to execute. It does not matter what product, service, or need you are fulfilling with the output of your business, this bootcamp will help you do it better. New startups or mature businesses that need a complacency vaccination will benefit from this program. Price is $950 for the 4 day class. Your instructor will

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