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Ziva Bonds with Samuel

Samuel is 18 months old and suffers a serious and rare heart disease. As part of his journey, Samuel has to deal with several symptoms and side effects that make day to day life more difficult. Mom and dad struggle to get a good night's sleep and every day presents more challenges. Samuel's mom looked far and wide for a service dog to help alert to seizures and to be able to be "modified" for new and future symptoms not yet discovered. No service dog company would help her and her family. She was told by one company that it would cost $50,000 and would be a 10 year wait. She was told by all other companies that they could not train a service dog for an 18 month old. She discovered that

Dusty Bonds with His New Family

Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® "Dusty" begins the process of bonding with his new family while he is being finished as a service dog that also protects. Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® are trained on 50 specific elements in support of 4 functions. These functions are; Tracking, Scent Detection, Protection, and Advanced Obedience. Combining the elements and functions, the dogs can be easily trained on hundreds of additional features for future needs of the owner. For instance. Dusty is a service dog that will also protects the owner and family. The current medical service does not involve scent detection. In the future, if someone in the family becomes diabetic (as an example) Dusty can be tra

PTSD Solution

If you are suffering from PTSD and one or some of your symptoms create safety and security issues in your mind, like anxiety, fear of the unknown, fear of an empty room, fear of the dark...then we have a solution that will greatly decrease your PTSD symptoms. A Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog! Having a well trained dog in your life will decrease your anxiety, decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke, and provide you with an opportunity to be part of a pack, a group, that can lift you above your security fears. Having a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog in your life helps completely eliminate your security fears. A protection dog will give you peace of mind and body and allow you to finally relax ag

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