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Working Dogs for Sale

Foundation dogs and finished dogs. Ready to be trained for their specific missions with their new owners/handlers. These dogs are ready to serve in Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security, as Service Dogs for the disabled, home and personal protection, executive protection, and more. Their foundation training includes tracking, specific odor detection, basic and advanced obedience, protection/apprehension. Acquire the foundation dog then finish the dog yourself after completing our dog trainer programs or in your own department using your existing training staff and scenario work, or we can finish a foundation dog for you...your choice.

Cool Summer Events at Top Tier K9

With 5,000 sq feet of cold training space, student housing, and a bar/lounge for after-hour fellowshipping, Top Tier K9 is the place to be for summer fun with dogs!!! August 15-18 is our mega seminar with a focus on working dog training and handling in protection, scent detection, and advanced obedience. August 13 - August 24 is our next certification run. Safe Catch Decoy, Pet Trainer and Working Dog Trainer certifications will be attempted by Top Tier K9 students and affiliates who believe they are ready to carry the torch into the dog training industry. September 6, 2018 is our next "Art of Dog Training" class. Live on-line, this is the introduction class to dog training and business

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