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Suwannee Valley Times has written an article about Top Tier K9 and what we offer the local community in dog training services. Click here to read the story

4 hard core dog trainers certified as Top Tier K9 Working Dog Trainers

4 hard core dog trainers certified as Top Tier K9 Working Dog Trainers this weekend. Congratulations to these fine men for their well deserved accomplishments as Top Tier K9 Certified Working Dog Trainers. Pictured left to right: Denton Rummel: A decorated combat veteran, former law enforcement professional, and executive security manager for a major telecom company. Denton will be working out of the New Smyrna Beach Florida area with his amazing Mal/GSD mix "Jax". Chris O'Brian: Working for the Madison County Sheriff's office as a deputy and K9 handler as well as overseeing the K9 unit, Chris plans to expand his work within the law enforcement community and use his dog "Rex" to showcase hi

Amazing Malinois Puppies Enter Phase 3 of Top Tier K9 Imprinting Program

The 6 malinois puppies imported from a breeding including Berry 2 and Van Leeuwen bloodlines are at the end of phase 2 and getting ready to be tested for phase 3 of the Top Tier K9 Puppy Imprinting and Forecasting Program. When you purchase a dog from Top Tier K9, it is trained to the highest levels of obedience, protection, scent detection, tracking, and desired service for disabilities. These are Top Tier K9; the gold standard in the dog training industry. Law enforcement, military, executive protection, family protection, and service dogs for the disabled.

Herding work

Welcome Mac to our board and train program. Mac is in his 3rd week of training and has started his refinement in herding techniques. He pushes the sheep too close to his handler so we are fixing that problem. It always begins with Top Tier K9 balanced obedience training, then expands to all realms of working dogs; obedience, advanced obedience, protection, scent detection, tracking, search & rescue, retrieval and specific behavior modifications. State of the art facilities, master dog trainers, certified teachers and insured. We are dog trainers and people trainers. You cannot simply have your dog trained without learning how to manage that training and how to modify your behaviors. That re

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