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Sniper Puppies are Here

Six puppies from the same litter passed our rigorous selection process and have been accepted into the Top Tier K9 Puppy Imprinting Program. It is extremely rare to see so many puppies from the same litter exhibit the right drives, disposition and stability to pass our selection process. The puppies are the subject of our current working dog trainer classes and will be exposed to one of the most rigorous and thorough training program in the dog training industry. Not everyone has what it takes to certify as a Top Tier K9 dog trainer. Many try and only the best succeed.

Mike Dooley of Advanced K-Nine

Top Tier K9 gives each individual the confidence they need to build their own business. I have been training dogs for around 6 years now and decided one day to further my training career and certify through Top Tier K9. Even with my 6 years of prior experience I learned a ton of new things. Top Tier K9 gives you the opportunity to continue your regular working life and attend online classes rather than putting your life on hold like the other schools. I was able to train dogs to pay my way through Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Training Program and I am now on to the Working Dogs Program. If any one was ever interested in becoming a Professional Dog Trainer I would HIGHLY recommended “Top Tier K9

Top Tier K9 is Expanding

Top Tier K9 is expanding: We have acquired an 8 acre property for use in our Puppy Imprinting and Working Dog Trainer programs. Conveniently located just off Interstate 10 in Northern Florida the property has indoor and outdoor training areas, a swim area with dock, puppy imprinting stations, RV hookups, and a lighted SCH/IPO field so students can train day and night to meet their certification requirements. This property will also serve as our training hub for business and project management training. We will be conducting seminars at this property in business development and customer relationship management, advanced obedience, protection, scent detection, tracking, tricks, and puppy impri

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