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Patriot Dog Training Launches in Boerne Texas

Patriot Dog Training just completed the week long business consulting and training program conducted by Top Tier K9 at its new location in Boerne Texas. Top Tier K9 traveled to the Hill Country of Texas to meet with Benito and Erica Olson and assist them in business analysis, project management and their sales and marketing efforts. It’s all about the scope! Beginning with a scope definition session the team laid out the vision of the business and the family as it relates to their entrepreneurial objectives. The requirements were then extracted and organized in a way that gave the family a clear path, schedule, and budget to achieving their goals. “Having a project plan in place allows us

Puppy to Protector

Top Tier K9 launches its "Puppy to Protector" program. This program is designed using our one of a kind puppy imprinting and forecasting program, a key training component of our Academy for Dog Trainers Working Dog Trainer Program. Our neighborhoods are getting more dangerous by the day. Citizens are being targeted for their work in the military and law enforcement, for their religious beliefs, and if they are conservative in their political beliefs. Having an early warning system, that can also eliminate the threat to self and family is a great relief to our clients. The Top Tier K9 Imprinting and Forecasting Program takes 7-9 week old puppies of select breeds and turns those puppies

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