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Edinburg Texas, February 2, 2015: Top Tier K9 heads to Texas in support of Affiliate K9 On Patrol Se

Jeff Minder is an award winning teacher and entrepreneur. As a business consultant and project manager, Jeff has worked with some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. As a teacher, he has provided his unique approach to project management through organizations and universities across the United States. Jeff Minder heads down to KOPs in Edinburg, Texas in support of the affiliate program.

TTK9 has a revolutionary formula to bring your dream of becoming a professional dog trainer to life.

TTk9 has a revolutionary formula to bring your dream of becoming a professional dog trainer to life. By combining world-class dog trainers with modern technology, our program allows you to do the majority of the work in the comfort of your own living room. You will have access in real-time to trainers and their feedback. This program also walks you through every step of turning that dream into your own business, and helps you manage it even after you've graduated. Not only will you be starting the new career of your dreams, but you will also be helping to save animals and the families that love them. Give your dream a chance!

Affiliate Testimonial

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Jeff Minder over the last year when I decided to quit my job and take my love of training dogs to the next level, ultimately desiring to open my own business. I had no knowledge regarding how to start a business or what that whole process would entail. It wasn’t until I took one of Jeff’s intro to project management and business seminars that I realized this humble, unassuming man was one of the most talented and accomplished people I know. Jeff did a phenomenal job of relating the proven processes of project management to raising a puppy and to dog training in general. The knowledge I gained in this course allowed me to feel like I now had a leg up

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